Dessert Masters eliminates Adriano Zumbo

Famed patissiere becomes only the third chef to be eliminated from 10 competition.

Famed patissiere Adriano Zumbo was surprisingly sent home from Dessert Masters last night.

‘Zumbo,’ the only contestant to have fronted his own television cooking contest, became the third to be eliminated from the kitchen.

The challenge involved movie-inspired cook-offs, drawing inspiration from titles such as Mission: Impossible; Star Trek; The Godfather; Transformers; Grease; Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Pretty In Pink.

While Kirsten Tibballs enjoyed immunity, Reynold Poernomo went into the cook donning his immunity pin.

Reynold’s Star Trek-inspired  dessert  was not the most finessed dish judges had seen from him, but the taste trumped appearance, with perfectly executed chocolate work saving him from elimination.

Adriano Zumbo served up a Grease-inspired dish reseembling a classic diner milkshake. But judges Amaury Guichon and Melissa Leong noted the unmolding of cups was below par and culled him from the competition.

With the series to conclude next Tuesday, every episode is now an elimination contest, with one to take out the $100,000 prize.

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  1. Yes I agree Adriano’s voice tone was definitely one of ‘pissed off’. He knew his cup was below par and was cracked but it was all he had to present to the judges so really his elimination shouldn’t have come as a surprise, bit of a sore loser attitude I feel, sad to see from an Adult of his calibre.

  2. He was pretty under whelming. He’s world renowned but he didn’t plate up anything special. To me it looked like he didn’t want to be there. If he did he could have put more of an effort in. When was this series filmed? I noticed some of them were wearing black.

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