“Fast” Ed Halmagyi to depart Better Homes & Gardens

“I have been honoured to get the chance to tell stories to people who love food every week and be part of this amazing show," says 'Fast Ed' as he steps away after 20 years.

Better Homes and Gardens foodie Ed Halmagyi has decided to hang up his TV apron, departing the show after 20 years.

Fast Ed will exit the Seven lifestyle show in two weeks to focus on a personal business venture.

“After more than two decades of sharing recipes as a presenter on Better Homes and Gardens, I have made the decision to step back from my role on the show,” Ed said.

“I never intended to work in television, it just kind of happened. In 2004 I was asked to do a screen test, and the fact I am still here on Better Homes and Gardens 20 years later is equal parts fantastic and bizarre. This is the longest job I have ever had, and it’s time for me to have a new adventure.

“I have been honoured to get the chance to tell stories to people who love food every week and be part of this amazing show that is part of Australia’s fabric. I will certainly miss being a part of Australia’s Friday nights and working alongside my Better Homes and Gardens family.

“I started out as a pastry chef and there’s something about baking that continues to call me. As someone whose life is so deeply invested in all things from the oven, the idea of creating a truly authentic and spectacular Jewish bakery has been simmering within me for nearly a decade, so Avner’s (my Hebrew name) is coming to life, with bagels, bialys, babka, rugelach and the most killer potato bread you’ve ever tried!”

Executive Producer, Russell Palmer, said: “Better Homes and Gardens has been a big part of so many lives for close to 30 years and Ed is a huge part of that success.

“He is constantly changing the way food is presented on the show and has remained true to his family-friendly, budget-focussed approach, which speaks to the heart of our audience. It goes without saying that his contribution to the show’s popularity has been immense.

“Ed is also a much loved part of the Better Homes and Gardens family and we’ll miss his professionalism and sense of humour.”

His final episode airs Friday, December 1st. A successor has already been appointed and will be announced in early 2024.

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  1. I follow Ed on social media and find him incredibly intelligent, passionate and well versed in a lot of topical issues. He has always worn his Jewish heritage with pride and speaks from the heart. I found his work on Better Homes and Gardens to be compelling viewing and I will definitely miss him because he made cooking to be easy for just about anyone. I wish him the best of luck with his future endeavours.

  2. Oh no! Probably my favourite segments, he’s helped ‘make’ the show the past couple of decades, all the way back to Noni and when it was moved from early weeknights to Saturdays (but then found its success on Fridays from 2005 with Johanna). Another one bites the dust, I reckon this’ll have a further impact on the show, which despite big changes the past decade, has still managed to be on top.

  3. Probably my least favourite after the craft lady. Time for some fresh blood and someone who actuallys gives measurements rather than “a touch of oil” or add “some sugar” and you’re supposed to guess how much he put in!

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