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3 x BluRay copies of  Tales of the Walking Dead up for grabs...

6 Different Stories. 1 Dead World….

This week TVT has 3 x BluRay copies of  Tales of the Walking Dead up for grabs thanks to Acorn Media.

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In the months and years following the apocalypse, “Tales of the Walking Dead” follows the unique lives of new and familiar characters. A prepper (Terry Crews) leaves his bunker and meets an unlikely ally (Olivia Munn); hostile co-workers (Parker Posey, Jillian Bell) try to escape Atlanta and each other; a mother (Samantha Morton) must revisit her violent past to protect her child; a settler (Poppy Liu) tries to convince a scientist (Anthony Edwards) that people need to take back the land from the dead; a man (Jessie T. Usher) wakes up with no memory, only to find he is accused of murder; and a traumatized couple (Danielle Pineda, Danny Ramirez) seek refuge in a secluded house.

Release Date: November 29, 2023
Run Time: 270 minutes
Rating: MA15+ – strong horror themes and bloody violence
RRP: $39.95

Violence, horror

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  1. With numerous versions of this The Walking Dead universe in production the producers must have a full time zombie school just to provide enough zombie extras. As someone who gave up watching The Walking Dead series some while ago I will confess that I did check out the latest Stan offerings, and overall they aren’t too bad, I especially liked the damaged Eiffel Tower and dilapidated parts of Paris, but in my opinion the zombies are looking a bit too past their use by date, even the acid blood one’s, but obviously this show would be dead without them.

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