Marcia Hines longs for a new Countdown

Australian Idol's Marcia Hines would also love to see rising bands given television exposure.

Legendary singer Marcia Hines wishes there was a space on television for a new Countdown-style show giving rising Aussie bands television exposure.

Hines who frequently performed on the iconic ABC music show recalls, “It was a wonderful time. I have to say, I have great respect for Molly, because he encouraged all of us and he told the general public to purchase our record, (saying) our music was great. Back in the day, we travelled so much we would never catch up unless we were at the ABC Studios in Melbourne or the ABC Studios in Sydney.

“It was a wonderful time and somebody needs a call to some television station to tell them that we need that on television again.”

During her “Still Shining” 50th Anniversary Tour last night in Frankston, Hines took questions from audience members.

She was also asked about winning the now-defunct Queen of Pop three times from 1976 – 1978 and whether she still had her crown?

“You know what happened to my crown? I lent it to a queen!” she laughed.

“For those people who don’t know about King and Queen of Pop, you went and bought TV Week. Yout cut out the coupon, filled it in and then you found a stamp and an envelope, and you posted it. Now if that ain’t love, I don’t know what is!

“So I must be very honest. The first time I won Queen of Pop I wasn’t a citizen, I was a resident in Australia. Once I received that award, I knew that you’d adopted me, so thank you.”

Hines is also set to return to Australian Idol in 2024 on Seven, alongside Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark.

“You guys need to vote, because we have found some astounding talent in Australia. And I really believe that with the brand is Australian Idol we’ve uncovered some great stars. And so that’s what we plan to continue to do so if you can please vote,” she said.

Asked for her views on Reality TV, Hines replied, “A friend of mine died this year. His name was Brian Walsh. You may have heard his name. Brian Walsh told (my manager), “There’s a show coming to Australia. It Marcia gets a chance to do it , it will introduce her to a brand new audience of people.’ That show was Australian Idol. The other thing is he said ‘Reality TV is here to stay Marcia, because all you need is a camera and several fools.'”

Photo: Marcia Hines

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  1. The TV networks could make a start by actually following through on that AusMusic campaign which Jack River initiated during the Tokyo Olympics. Play Australian music in promos and stories and as the bump in/out when they go to ad breaks (and not just Chisel/Hunnas/Farnham). I also vote to bring back The Sound, and while we’re at it allow Double J a regular FM radio license.

  2. Unfortunately in this streaming/TikTok era, the Australian pop/rock music scene is basically DOA. Look at the current top 50 singles and album charts for example, 3 Australian acts only on each, and the top Australian single is Riptide by Vance Joy, which was released a decade ago. Australian labels can’t compete with the internationals when it comes to playlisting and the promotion needed to create streaming hits.

    Giving new acts TV exposure may boost ticket sales for live gigs however, which is where the money is these days, but I don’t know if a Countdown style show would get many viewers because the core audience they’d want to cater to aren’t watching network TV.

    1. But no one is doing anything? How often do you hear Australian Music on the radio? Coles and Woolworths radio are far better at playing Australian music compared to the commercial traditional stations. Delta Goodrem had the highest selling album of the 2000’s and you never hear any of those songs on the radio.

      Ash London was a gem and a ray of sunshine on commercial radio but sadly when she resigned her examples weren’t continued.

  3. I just love Marcia Hines so much. She is a national treasure. So glad she is returning to television.

    Didn’t the ABC trial a music program a year or two back? Did it not take? Perhaps Marcia is right, it needs to be ‘Countdown’ but i don’t reckon people care about charts or sales anymore.

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