Nine scores massive 47.5% share for The Block finale

1.27m metro viewers watch Block finale, rising to 1.59m for the moment Steph & Gian were announced as winners.

Nine pulled out a whopping, drama-filled finale for its auction of Charming St homes last night, amassing a huge 47.5% Sunday share.

In preliminary numbers The Block averaged 1.27m metro viewers for its finale, but rose to 1.59m for the moment Steph & Gian were named as winners.

Those numbers need to be adjusted for the overrun, and were down on previous seasons, but will doubtless top 2m once Total TV is calculated.

The 1% Club held up rather well considering, at 526,000, then Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure (389,000), Border Security (326,000) and The Graham Norton Show at just 147,000.

Later 60 Minutes led with 758,000 in preliminary numbers then Annika (377,000), then Homicide with Ron Iddles (245,000).

Nine network dominated with a 47.5% share crushing Seven 22.3%, ABC 14.5%, 10 9.4% and SBS 6.3%.

Nine News was 784,000 with a late edition at 417,000 in preliminary.

Seven News still claimed its slot at 810,000. Air Crash Investigations was 141,000.

ABC News drew 484,000. Shetland drew 275,000 and Antiques Roadshow was 151,000.

10 News First managed 218,000 / 201,000 with The Sunday Project (187,000 / 166,000), then FBI just 82,000 and NCIS: Hawaii at 68,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (117,000 / 89,000), Kennedy, Sinatra & the Mafia (96,000), Treasures Of India With Bettany Hughes only 72,000.

ICC Men’s ODI World Cup led multichannels at 145,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Annika: 876,000
Shetland: 314,000
The Block: 1.75m
60 Minutes: 767,000
The Graham Norton Show: 216,000
Insiders: 504,000
Under Investigation: 220,000

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 5 November 2023

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  1. Seems Seven Sydney News dropped the ball again last night. A brief mention re Daylesford at 6:55pm.ABC News and ABC News Online had reports at 8pm (and possibly earlier). Seven News “Update” was nothing more than a few old promos rehashed (PM in China, Gaza) clearly recorded before the 6pm news. Seven News Melbourne has been caught out previously with prerecorded news. tvtonight.com.au/2012/11/seven-news-switch-after-pre-recorded-updates-revealed.html

  2. The Sunday morning political show Insiders gets solid ratings every week, especially with catch-up. There is clearly a Sunday morning audience out there to be captured but the commercial networks do very little in that space. Nine used to have a pretty expensive current affairs show called just Sunday which ran for two hours and the other networks had things like Meet the Press. Given the ratings and obvious revenue are there for the taking I wonder why this timeslot is so unsupported with content?

    1. The fact that the commercial networks abandoned those programs years ago speaks volumes about their lack of commitment to serious news and current affairs-that isn’t going to change.

      1. Commerical TV’s offerings used to be much better than the ABC. Sunday was serious news and current affairs but now their target audience watches breakfast tv while scrolling through Tik Tok. Not that the insiders is quality. It’s just op-ed from the Canberra press gallery who always agree about everything. The same opinions they print in their newspapers that nobody reads anymore. The same stuff that the ABC shows on their news, radio, News 24, The Drum, Q &A and 7:30pm every day. It has no commerical value because you can get it free by the bucket load anywhere.

  3. Astonishing resilience from 1% Club. Hopefully Seven grow and nurture it without giving it another new timeslot.

    Remarkable result for The Block considering it is 19th season. Nine’s golden goose.

    1. I have to mute the compere. Shouting, especially during the questions (clearly designed as a distraction), potty-mouth at every opportunity. Accidentally was late muting “two holes close together”.

        1. Drop The Ball| English meaning – Cambridge Dictionary – to make a mistake, especially by not taking action or dealing with something that should have been planned for: make a mistake; mishandle things. “I really dropped the ball on this one”. Don’t see anything smutty there.

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