RBT, Emergency lead Thursday slots for Nine

It was a close race between Nine and Seven, but observational TV pushed Nine over the line on Thursday.

Thursday was another quiet night of viewing with Nine and Seven in a close tussle, on the penultimate Thursday of survey.

The Chase again led entertainment at 459,000 / 292,000 metro viewers.

RBT won its slot at 414,000 then Bill Bailey’s Wild West Australia (392,000), 7:30 (386,000), Border Security (278,000 / 268,000). Mirror Mirror was just 167,000.

Latr Emergency won at 337,000 then The Front Bar (281,000), Grand Designs (276,000),

Nine network led Thursday with 29.3% then Seven 28.7%, ABC 19.7%, 10 14.3% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine News (635,000 / 629,000) waa best for Nine then A Current Affair (522,000) and Hot Seat (268,000 / 185,000).

Seven News was #1 at 800,000 / 779,000. Home & Away drew 405,000. A replay of The 1% Club was 167,000. Big Miracles managed 162,000.

ABC News was 489,000. Miriam Margoloyes: Almost Australian (125,000) and The Drum (117,000) followed.

The Project managed 202,000 / 138,000. 10 News First was only 165,000 / 119,000. Law & Order: SVU was just 98,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (110,000 / 86,000), Secret World Of Snacks: Burgers (96,000), Adam & Poh’s Great Australian Bites (58,000) and Coastal Ireland With Adrian Dunbar (56,000).

Kiri & Lou on ABC Kids topped multichannels at 97,000.

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

The Morning Show: 133,000 / 86,000
Today Extra:  108,000 / 77,000

Love Island: 328,000
Home & Away: 877,000
Bill Bailey’s Wild West Australia: 577,000
Grand Designs: 401,000
Football: Socceroos v Bangladesh: 277.000
ICC Men’s ODI World Cup: 915,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 23 November 2023.

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  1. Todd Sampson just isn’t a thing, please stop pushing his vanity projects on us! The man who made his money through advertising and sits on the Qantas board (there’s 2 things that are on the nose for most of the population) picking on other industries is a bit rich. I’m far from pro the wellness industry, I am more anti smug personalities.

    1. Regardless of his personality or what he may have/done in life I can look past that and see what he was actually doing…which was trying to expose the scammers, fakery and quackery that people go to so they can rip people off under the guise of wellness and health….instead of using their own commonsense and logic..a person subjecting themselves to having their gums sucked by leeches thinking it’s dentistry, even worse letting bees sting you after you’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer thinking it’s a cure, and sadly dying…using rocks/crystals as healing objects by wearing or touching them…non of this has any real scientific or medical evidence..giving psychedelics with no qualifications ..it’s a pity more people didn’t put themselves through these types of “treatments” and expose these people for how they exploit people who may be sick and vulnerable or thinking they are going to live longer or forever…Mirror Mirror is listed as a 3 series programme going back to 2021.

  2. Seven News in Brisbane out did themselves last night…there was a segment about Lisa Ling’s extradition back to Australia for supposedly plotting to kill her husband…but the footage for the segment was of people playing lawn bowls…Sharon Ghidella apologised and said they would get back to the story….but never did…I felt sorry for her when she is always so professional and that happened…

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