SAM Content partners with France’s ZED

Sydney based production company and French producer-distributor make an output deal.

Sydney based production company SAM Content is marking its second anniversary by joining forces with French producer-distributor, ZED with an output deal.

The deal brings together Director Sally Aitken (Playing with Sharks, The Pacific with Sam Neill, Getting Frank Gehry) and Producer Aline Jacques (The Living Universe, Hot Potato: The Story of the Wiggles), and ZED, helmed by CEO Manuel Catteau.

SAM Content co-founder, Sally Aitken said, “Our journey with SAM Content so far has been a testament to the power of positive thinking. Partnering with ZED propels us into a new realm of global co-production possibilities. It’s a powerful relationship built on existing trust and understanding. And of course, the inherent thrill of holding hands across the globe making resonant stories for our world.”

Formed over 25 years ago by CEO Manuel Catteau, ZED has been named as a RealScreen Global 100 production company for the past five years.

“In an industry where collaboration is key, our relationship with SAM Content cements our long-standing respect for Australian producers, particularly Aline Jacques with whom we have enjoyed several successful productions over the last decade. Co-production requires very specific skills and know-how, that both our companies have. Success is always tied to understanding coproducing’s complex mechanisms which few know how to handle, together we have this in store,” said Catteau.

Projects on the slate include Atomic Paradise, the epic untold pop cultural story during the nuclear testing era in the Pacific, and Terra Futura, a bold reimagining of the earth without humans in stunning CGI and animation. The companies also have No Sex Required (w/t) a series about the booming global Fertility Industry and profitable business of making babies.

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