Seven acquires An Audience with Kylie

Kylie's Albert Hall show, 22 years after she previously participated in the TV special, will screen in 2024.

Seven has secured the rights to An Audience with Kylie, filming this week at London’s Royal Albert Hall for ITV.

This marks Kylie’s second An Audience with, having featured in 2001.

For one night only in front of fans and a specially invited audience of VIP celebrity guests, perform a selection of her greatest hits plus songs from her eagerly anticipated album ‘Tension’. Kylie will also take questions from the celebrity audience of friends, personal heroes, actors, musicians, artists, sportsmen and women.

An Audience with Kylie is produced by Lifted Entertainment (part of ITV Studios) and co-produced with BMG.

It will screen in 2024.

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  1. Do Channel 7 know that it screens on Sunday 10 Dec in the UK?
    By the time they screen it next year, all the fans would have already seen it online.
    In this day & age, why on earth don’t they fast track these things.
    She’ll probably do a few Christmas songs too, would be good if they screen it a few days after & repeat it again Christmas Day.

    1. This is a debate that has cropped up on the Kylie chat boards many times over the years but believe it or not these sort of things arn’t made for the superfans. Yes we enjoy them but things like this are for the many people that “like” Kylie, have fond memories of the biggest hits back in the day and will happily watch something like this when it crops up, but wont actively be going online to hunt it down the second its available.

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