The Race that Tops the Nation

1.11m metro viewers watch Without a Fight's victory. Masked Singer tops entertainment -and another upset at Breakfast.

Without a Fight’s Melbourne Cup win was #1 on Tuesday with 1.11m metro viewers in preliminary numbers, of which 562,000 were in Melbourne.

Those numbers improved on 2022’s 1.02m. As always, they don’t include viewing in bars, offices and Cup Day parties, and will also improve with Total TV numbers still to come….

For comparison in metro Overnights:

2023: 1.110m
2022: 1.02m
2021: 1.21m
2020: 1.41m
2019: 1.32m
2018: 1.84m
2017: 1.8m
2016: 1.99m
2015: 2.07m
2014: 2.12m
2013: 2.17m

Meanwhile The Masked Singer grand finale topped entertainment at 511,000, rising to 594,000 for the reveal of Dami Im as Snow Fox.

It eclipsed 7:30 (397,000), My Mum Your Dad (316,000), Take 5 with Zan Rowe (264,000) and Big Brother on just 213,000 in its second outing.

Later The Cheap Seats led with 368,000 then Old People’s Home for Teenagers (327,000), and ICC Men’s ODI World Cup (284,000).

Nine network led Tuesday with 31.1% then Seven 23.8%, 10 20.7%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 8.9%.

Nine News (758,000 / 750,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led with 596,000 then Hot Seat (315,000 / 223,000).

Seven News won its slot at 805,000 / 802,000. The Chase was 467,000 / 270,000 then Home & Away (411,000). The Endgame was up to 119,000.

The Project enjoyed a slight lift at 301,000 / 202,000. So too did 10 News First at 274,000 / 198,000. NCIS managed 131,000.

ABC News was 528,000. The Drum (127,000) and Dementia & Us (104,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (134,000 / 112,000), Great British Railway Journeys (122,000), The Mission (95,000), House Of Maxwell (69,000).

ICC Men’s ODI World Cup led multichannels at 204,000.

Today: 196,000
Sunrise: 193,000
News Breakfast: 78,000 / 42,000

Love Island continues to see huge lifts in Total TV. In Total TV numbers last Tuesday:

Love Island: 427,000
My Mum Your Dad: 532,000
Home & Away: 929,000
SAS Australia: 733,000
Old People’s Home for Teenagers: 580,000
The Masked Singer: 621,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 7 November 2023


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  1. Looks like Big Brother already bumped to 8:30pm next week, hopefully this is the end of the pre recorded version and we eventually get a proper live reboot.

  2. I watched Old People’s Home for Teenagers ….disappointed Robert’s grad speech was like 1-2 seconds?….they seem to fix on a core handful of aged and teens….Stayed on the channel for the rest of the night…some interesting viewing…good night for me.

  3. The fact it’s premiering in November, despite having been in the can for the better part of a year suggests Seven knew this season of Big Brother was a dud.

  4. I think the decline in viewers for the cup has nothing to do with the protest vote, or people no longer being interested in the race, but everything to do with the excellent service racing.com present on 68/78. Punters watch this station, as it is full of information, not celebrity filler rubbish, the non punters watch on the commercial station showing it.

    1. See I think it is that fewer people are interested in the race.

      While the audience split of people watching on Racing channel may be some factor, I think the bigger factor is the lack of interest. Hell, I’m not an animal or gambling activist, but I feel less excited by it these days compare to years past.

  5. I was hoping My Mum your Dad would have been a MAFS like splash so we can get the ‘original’ knockoffs from other networks like My Mum your Son or My Aunty your Uncle. Instead we are stuck with Big Love Island on 7. Any coincidence that it is showing at the same time of year as Love Island?

  6. I wonder how many stayed up to watch the cricket through to the end of the match at around 3:30am?

    I did, although not on Nine given their incessant ads, of which they only have themselves to blame. I would have, given that the Nine FTA broadcast is about 20 secs ahead of Kayo. Mind you they are both behind the ESPN Cricinfo live blog!!!!

    All I can say … What a Match. The best ODI innings I’ve ever seen.

    1. I gave up on the cricket around midnight and recorded the rest on the off chance. So I will watch Maxwell’s innings tonight. I didn’t last 10 minutes into End Game — a dreadful Blacklist ripoff made as a vanity project, not surprised it didn’t get picked up. I caught a bit of Love Not On An Island before it and it looked very silly.

      1. @ James-original +1. While Seven has had a couple of ratings flops in Blow Up and Big Brother, they have also had some of the enviable success in the Matildas, AFL, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Chase Australia, Seven News and let’s not forget that while they should be investing in more drama, their current offerings are getting huge bumps on catch-up services.

          1. @Mr Knox, point taken. All I was trying to elucidate is the fact that Seven has had some great success this year, even outside of The Soccer World Cup. Each network in general has had their fair share of success and some shows which failed to engage the audience. 2024 is going to be interesting for the television landscape.

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