The Way We Wore: Nov 28

This week, Australia’s fashion pioneers who have revolutionised what we wear.

This week on The Way We Wore Celeste Barber reveals how fearless fashion trailblazers have pushed for social change, challenged those in power, and helped marginalised communities to be seen.

These are the stories of Australia’s fashion pioneers who have revolutionised what we wear.

One trailblazer, Annette Kellerman, starts her own line of contemporary one-piece swimwear and single handedly revolutionises Australian’s beachside garments for generations to come.

While women are starting to use clothes to make political statements, clothing is playing a devastating role in the disruption and destruction of First Nations culture. A revolutionary fashion event, an Aboriginal Debutante Ball, is arranged. This event sees First Nations women reclaiming their identity and demanding their place in society.

By the late 1970s, identity politics is all the rage and people are finding their tribes. You have the hippies in their Kaftans, the disco dancers in their glow mesh, the blokes in their Blueys and the studs in the Safari Suits.

In the 1980s, photographer William Yang captures the moments when the first Mardi Gras protest in Australia shifts from violent protest to a fashion spectacular. Fashion designer Peter Tully, Artistic Director of Mardi Gras, is at the helm of this glamorous transformation.

The Australian fashion community is growing and an interest in International styles is influencing creatives. Iconic designers like Akira Isogawa present a unique fashion identity to an Australia that is finally embracing diversity.

8pm Tuesday on ABC.

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  1. I like this series..it shows how far we have come from the stocking, gloves, pearls, and hat era women where alway excepted to wear when leaving the house…Men going out and to work in double breasted suits and fedoras..I’m not a fashionista or into fast fashion because I have always made most of my own cloth after learning dressmaking and pattern making in high school…I get ideas from tv shows not just for clothing but accessories..I still bring out the Kaftans occasionally just to remind of the great times I had during the counterculture era…love a bit tie dye Thai style…I set my own fashion trends which are unique to me…because I was bought as an individualist and to be accepting of myself and be comfortable in my own skin…which I hope young people will eventually realise…fashion don’t always make the person….it often shows those that do are followers of fashion fads/trends..

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