Would Jess Mauboy return to The Voice?

The Voice coach is open to a fourth season, but there's a catch.


Jess Mauboy would ideally return to The Voice if asked, but there are no guarantees it will fit her schedule in 2024.

“I’ve just finished recording my sixth studio record, which will be out Feb 9 and then off the back of that, touring for three months in Australia, New Zealand. Then I’ll hopefully I’ll snag some cool, outdoor community festivals and just sing my little heart out, take the band out on the road,” she tells TV Tonight.

Mauboy has just concluded filming family movie Windcatcher for Stan to screen in 2024.

“We just had our 13th Season of The Voice this year. I know Idol‘s back, and Marcia’s back, I’m so happy about that. That’s what I was waiting for!” she said.

So she would return if asked?

“I would. In a heartbeat, I would. This year was was my third season as a coach on The Voice and I in a heartbeat if they rang me tomorrow, I would say yes… which would be interesting (because I’m touring) in that window.”

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    1. She is. The three months would include rehearsals, and she has multiple shows scheduled each week from March 12th to May 11th (when she finishes the tour in NZ). Lots of regional shows in places such as Traralgon, Bendigo, Townsville, Mackay and Albury and she’s visiting every capital city. Hope this helps!

  1. Franklytv – we’re all different! She was the reason I didn’t watch the latest season, as her constant singing instead of talking annoyed me too much. And I love her music, I’ve seen her live in concert, think she is an amazing talent, but couldn’t stand the constant sing-speech!

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