Vera tops week in entertainment

A fast-tracked episode of Brenda Blethyn mystery was the top entertainment show last week.

While Nine took victory in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, it was Seven’s strength in Adelaide and Perth that helped them win the third week of summer.

Seven’s First Test: Australia v Pakistan drew up to 564,000 metro viewers but it was ABC’s Vera that topped the week in entertainment at 480,000.

Seven: 30.0
Nine: 29.1
ABC: 18.3
10: 13.9
SBS: 8.7

Primary channel:
Seven: 19.5
Nine: 19.3
ABC: 12.7
10: 7.1
SBS: 8.7

9GEM: 4.4
7TWO / 7mate: 3.7
10 BOLD: 3.1
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.9
10 Peach: 2.8
ABC News: 2.2
9GO!: 2.1
9Life: 1.8
7flix: 1.7
9RUSH / SBS World Movies: 1.6
7Bravo: 1.5
SBS Food: 1.4
Nickelodeon: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.4
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Seven led across Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday. Nine won Sunday, Monday & Thursday.

For the third week running, ABC defeated 10 on every night.

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  1. “For the third week running, ABC defeated 10 on every night.”

    This is very quickly becoming untenable for 10 (pardon the pun). I’d love to say it’s nice to see ABC ratings rise into third place, but that’s very clearly not what’s happening here.

    We all make the comment that any member of the public could run 10 better than it’s current management, but it’s seeming to become more and more true. They need to do something to change the narrative, and soon.

    1. As reported by David Knox on September 26, the old series of Vera, like several other ABC hand-me-downs, will be shown on 7 Two in 2024. Any new series are always shown on the ABC first.

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