Audience tix: The Quiz with Balls

Aussie producers will film a ballsy new quiz show in Melbourne for a US network.

Tickets are available for Melbourne recordings of The Quiz with Balls, a splashy quiz show being produced by Eureka Productions (The Amazing Race, Farmer wants a Wife, Holey Moley, Stars from Mars) for a US network.

The family game show is another partnering with Talpa Productions, which has found success with the show in its home country, the Netherlands.

The format sees five contestants standing on a platform before a swimming pool. A team of five friends, family members or colleagues competes for a cash prize by answering one quiz question after another. For each question, each team member chooses one of six answer options. The answer options are linked to giant balls, which start to roll when all answers are given. If a player stands on a correct answer, the ball stops in time. If not, the ball will knock the player into the pool.

The Quiz With Balls has a simple but genius format mechanic, combining the fun, excitement and scale of a big physical challenge show with the play-along and jeopardy of a high stakes quiz show,” said Chris Culvenor, Co-CEO of Eureka Productions. “We are excited to expand our successful relationship with John de Mol and the team at Talpa for another of their brilliantly original, breakout formats, which we feel certain U.S. audiences will love.”

It will be hosted by an American comedian celebrity.

10 episodes will be made from January 30 – February 5 at Docklands.

You can apply for tix here.

3 Responses

  1. Looks like multiple choice answers. Must be like musical chairs where you start with 5 contestants and 1 wrong answer. Then reduce the number of correct answers. 4 wrong answers and you have a winner, but they can keep going as long as they know the 1 correct answer. Looks silly but more fun than Tipping Point.

  2. Thanks for publicising audience ticket opportunities, David.
    Being in the audience is a great experience and good fun – even if the show is not one you would normally watch.

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