7plus: The Amazing Race S36

Season 36 will be fast-tracked to 7plus ahead of its linear broadcast on Seven.

Season 36 of The Amazing Race will be fast-tracked to 7plus in March, screening ahead of its linear broadcast.

The 13 teams racing across the globe in the hopes of winning $1 million on season 36 of The Amazing Race have been revealed and include twins, a pair of Air Force pilots, a duo of firefighter moms, and a former first-round NFL draft pick racing with his wife.

Thursday March 14 on 7plus.

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  1. With the linear broadcasts, hopefully they will put it in a good timeslot and not shaft it when another show struggles.

    And a spoiler (and a compexlity warning that this bit may confuse people): the charter plane is back in this season. Saying that, however, this was filmed before Season 35 (i.e. this was the 35th season to be filmed, but 36th to air, while Season 35 was 36th to be filmed and 35th to air).

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