Better Date than Never: Feb 27

Tonight Kento struggles with interesting topics to engage his date with. Di's long-awaited date finally happens.

Tonight on Better Date than Never on ABC…

Kento struggles with interesting topics to engage his date with as he navigates the awkward silences. The specifics of his Hot Wheels car collection could be a deal breaker for Madeleine.

Jack is a humorous 21-year-old living in Perth, WA. He is craving a genuine connection with someone special and has never dated before. He has Cerebral palsy and describes himself as resembling a “praying mantis cowboy man”. His belief that any romantic interests would see him as a burden has held him back and he has never been on a date. It’s now time to take on those fears headfirst as he steps out on a blind date.

Di’s long-awaited date finally happens. She is enthralled as she meets Alida, who regales her with stories of her adventurous life, far from the quiet world of Di’s farm. Di is so taken by Alida’s company that she spills her wine. Though it looks like it will take more than a spilt drink to deter a smitten Alida and it seems there is hope on both sides.

Liv survived her ‘meet the parents and the neighbours’ moment and has relaxed into her special date with Ben at a local Greek restaurant. Now the young couple need to consider how they will cope with a temporary separation. Liv instructs Ben on how to put his arm around her, but they both feel very comfortable leaning into a kiss by the moonlight.

Asher has put aside her textbooks and bible momentarily to take some time to focus on another part of her life. She is well on track with goals for her mind and soul but it’s time for another chapter – her heart. Bolstered with encouragement from her Papuan sisters who are at her side to help with makeup and wardrobe, Asher is ready to set foot into the completely new and novel world of dating.

8.30pm Tuesday, 27 February on ABC.

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