MAFS hits season high on Sunday

Married at First Sight was #1 last night, nearly double the competition on Sunday.

Married at First Sight was #1 at 1.73m viewers in National TV Audience last night, its biggest audience so far this season by any measure.

That very nearly doubled Australian Idol at 874,000 then from 7:30pm Death in Paradise (800,000) and Australian Survivor (563,000) -all down slightly on last Sunday.

Later 60 Minutes averaged 860,000 then Ron Iddles: The Good Cop (661,000), and the premiere of House of Gods (341,000).

Seven News won its slot at 1.25m with Mr Bates vs the Post Office: The Real Story at 422,000. While the Supercars averaged 305,000 across a 3 hour broadcast, it reached 1.3m overall.

Nine News drew 1.12m for Nine with a late edition at 470,000.

ABC News was 870,000. A Grand Designs Transformation replay was 193,000 then Silent Witness (166,000).

The Sunday Project averaged 290,000 with 10 News First at 287,000 / 216,000. NCIS: Hawaii was 92,000 / 82,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (172,000 / 130,000), Vikings: The Lost Kingdom (141,000) and History’s Greatest Mysteries (102,000).

National Total TV: Sunday 25 February 2024

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  1. Decided to watch 60 Minutes to see the story on Alex Batty and they ran a story on MH370 beforehand. I don’t understand how someone would get a suspected plane wing stuck in their boats netting and just cut it free. No photos, no attempt to do something with it. Just cut the nets and report the location to authorities when he returned to land. Very odd.

    1. It’s fishing trawler with winches are designed to haul in fish, not a Boeing 777 wing. They probably couldn’t have got it out of the water. And even if it was from MH370 it proves nothing. We know the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean and broke up. 20 pieces of the plane floated around in the Indian Ocean currents and have washed up all around the edge of the ocean. This would just be piece 21. And even if you could find the fuselage after decade on the ocean floor it won’t tell you anything.

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