Piers Morgan Uncensored quits TalkTV

UK broadcaster fully embracing YouTube, to escape the "straightjacket" of a nightly show.

British talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored has quit broadcaster TalkTV after almost two years, as it heads exclusively to YouTube.

The veteran journalist indicated he wants to go “full digital globally” and escape the “straightjacket” of a nightly show.

“There’s something quite anachronistic about a show like mine still trying to create old fashioned TV for a pre-scheduled time slot each night for a relatively small audience – when we’re getting such gigantic audiences digitally,” Morgan told website Semafor.

He later told The Times: “I could happily interview Elon Musk for three or four hours tomorrow and the audience would lap it up.

“But the nightly restriction of having to go into a studio at 8pm when sometimes there is nothing happening and literally fill time? Nobody wants that.”

While television ratings have been described as ‘lacklustre’ Morgan’s channel on YouTube has 2.35 million subscribers with some clips raking in millions of views after going viral.

Morgan said that the decision to leave was his own, although media mogul Rupert Murdoch is said to have also been unhappy with the show’s ratings.

He was reportedly being paid £50m (A$97m) over three years for his work in a global deal in 2021.

Piers Morgan Uncensored screens in Australia on SKY News, but its future as a television programme is now unclear.

Source: Sky News UK

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  1. Like many people, I cannot stand him, but did anyone forget that Piers famously criticised US gun laws during his CNN heyday, supported the Remain vote during Brexit, supported COVID lockdowns on Good Morning Britain and spoke out against Vladimir Putin’s involvement in the Ukraine war on Piers Morgan Uncensored?

  2. He might want to “escape the “straightjacket” of a nightly show” but if Youtube doesn’t like something he says, his channel will be deleted very quickly and he’ll have nowhere else to go.

    Hope it works out for him, but I get the feeling David will be doing a report in approx 8-12 months (if sooner) about Piers complaining Youtube is censoring his free speech.

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