Airdate: The 1% Club UK

Seven screens British quiz original hosted by comedian Lee Mack.

Seven will tonight screen The 1% Club UK hosted by comedian Lee Mack.

There have been three seasons in the UK and Seven will kick off with the very first episode from 2022. I’m not sure it’s always wise to give viewers access to the original, in case it is better than the Aussie version.

There may also be general knowledge questions which pertain to Britain, of course.

Given it is a non-ratings fortnight, Seven may later opt to move it to another slot or multichannel.

7:30pm tonight on Seven.

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  1. I liked this better than 7’s. Lee Mack has 20 years of experience at doing this and the pace was good. The questions were also more varied. Seven’s tends to have an awful lot of question with hidden sequences and letters. I’ve got 1% questions before but this was the first time I got all the way through an ep. (with one pass — I was completely stumped with Coffee and surprise so many figured that out in 30s).

  2. I watched the 1% Club UK mainly to see Lee Mack. Lee kept the show moving and on the 1st ep was looking for his comfort zone. The production was slick but a bit slow in tallying the winners/losers. I’d be lucky to make the 20% grade so I was glad when the last contestant didn’t go for the 1% question but took the money and ran. Will watch next week.

  3. Jim doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love so far with the comments on this story. I personally think Jim does a great job and based on the laughs I see from those competing on the show, so do most of the cast. I also like Lee Mack, so would happily give the UK version a go too.

  4. Lee Mack is a much better host and much more family friendly than Jim Jefferies. I hope people give this a chance and maybe we can get a better Australian host. Julia Zemiro or Kitty Flanagan would have been good options.

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