Audience tix: Taskmaster Australia

Tom Cashman and Tom Gleeson look set for a third season of 10 comedy series.

Tickets are available for a Sydney shoot for Taskmaster Australia.

Filming takes place from March 18 –  March 22 at NEP Studios in Eveleigh.

Given previous episodes filmed in Melbourne and comedians are yet to be announced, this suggests a third season has been greenlit by 10 (but that’s yet to be confirmed).

“It’s Sydney’s turn again to be a part of the live studio audience and witness first hand the incredible duo of Tom Cashman and Tom Gleeson as they take the helm once again and deliver comedic gold alongside a brand new panel of Australian comedians (yet to be announced),” says ticketer That’s the Ticket.

Season 2 with Peter Helliar, Mel Buttle, Aaron Chen, Concetta Caristo and Rhys Nicholson is expected in Q2.

You can apply for tix here.

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  1. It’s interesting they’re going back to Sydney. I was at a recording of Season 2 in June last year and that was Docklands in Melbourne (I think I found out about it through here at TV Tonight, so thanks David!).

    I had a blast at the record, but I hope they’ll do a better job with editing in Season 2. They should really take more cues from the UK version in a slower more natural pace of editing & sound mixing.

    1. Yeah it was strange. I can very much confirm it’s a live audience. But the way they did the sound mixing wasn’t great, it’s the same issue TMNZ sometimes had and I think it is the same production company to my understanding.

    1. I didn’t mind season one. I think the first couple episodes were a bit weak, but after three it really hit its stride.
      I liked Tom Cashman being rather unique as the assistant.

  2. I wonder if we’re going to end up with two seasons a year. Does it seem strange to anyone else that there’s a season in the can that hasn’t aired yet and they are already recording season three?

    (It means they have already filmed the tasks in NZ, so wonder who’s been MIA the last few months)

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