Taskmaster Australia S2 cast announced

Peter Helliar, Mel Buttle, Aaron Chen, Concetta Caristo and Rhys Nicholson.

Cast have now been confirmed for Taskmaster S2.

Competing in the 2024 season are Peter Helliar, Mel Buttle, Aaron Chen, Concetta Caristo and Rhys Nicholson.

Filming of challenges took place in NZ, based on the UK format with cast set to be judged by Tom Gleeson, joined by trusty sidekick Tom Cashman.  Studio audience records began in Melbourne today.

Once again, at series’ end, the comedian with the most points will be crowned Taskmaster champion.

Taskmaster is produced for Network 10 by Avalon / Kevin & Co.

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  1. Judging by the 1st episode and take this with a grain of salt as it’s just my opinion Aaron & Rhys are the MVP’s
    I’m not familiar with Concetta Caristo (is anyone here?)but she did something that made me laugh during a task
    Will be interesting to see it all cut together as it started around 4:30pm and went to 7:30pm
    There were a few flubs and some course language that will either be cut or bleeped out

    1. I know Concetta mainly from guesting on a couple of podcasts that I’ve listened to – she’s been entertaining enough from what I recall. Quick google says she’s a Triple J breakfast host, and she’s also been on a couple of ABC and SBS shows previously.

  2. Interesting that they are saying 2024. Tom Cashman was on The Cheap Seats last week and at the end of the episode Tim said that S2 of Taskmaster will be out later this year.

    1. Not sure if you’ve seen the original/international versions but it’s always a brand new cast so there’s no reason to expect any returnees.

  3. I think this is a much better cast than season one.

    It’s a shame it’s being run in 2024 though, I wonder if we would be able to run two seasons a year like the UK does–hopefully, it’ll be early 2024. I’ll go crazy waiting more than eight months.

    1. Yeah I’m surprised it’s 2024 as well, I honestly thought it would be a September/October debut with the fact it’s been produced already.

  4. I’m in. Aaron and Rhys will make this series worth the price of admission. Mel Buttle is hit and miss for me, but we’ll see how it goes. Pete Helliar gives me serious Rhod Gilbert vibes. Not familiar at all with Concetta Caristo, but willing to give her a chance.

    Really disappointed there’s no second series this year. I think I’ll leave it there.

    1. I sort of get why they aren’t doing the second series this year. None of the other versions seem to run 2 in a year.
      There’s just a glut of people who could do it in the UK that it’s easier to do, plus it’s done so well that adding a second season a year into Channel 4’s schedule works.
      With 10, they would have wanted to see how it went before doing that committment. Maybe in 2024 we’ll get 2.

      1. I’ve just started watching the NZ taskmaster series what a great one I don’t know hardly anything about any of them. Just shows how much talent NZ has. And I love Jeremy Wells as their Taskmaster

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