Dream Home: promo

New competition renovation series, hosted by Dr Chris Brown, is due to premiere in Q2.

Seven has released a promo for its new competition renovation series Dream Home, due to screen in Q2.

The series, hosted by Dr Chris Brown, sees six pairs of Aussies renovate suburban homes, room by room, into new “dream homes.”

Dream Home will feature some of the biggest and most life-changing renovations Australia has ever seen.

With grit and determination, the teams will design and rebuild each other’s outdated and dilapidated homes.

Following renovations in each state, the top three couples will have the opportunity to have their backyards completely made over with stunning gardens and outdoor living spaces.

The winning couple will not only receive their very own Dream Home, but also a life-changing cash prize of $100,000.

A trio of expert judges – Lana Taylor of Three Birds Renovations, award-winning interior designer Rosie Morley, and top buyer’s agent Simon Cohen – will provide invaluable insight during the renovations before critiquing and scoring each new space in the stunning homes.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia (A Banijay company), Dream Home will inspire and ignite Australia’s love of home renovation.

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  1. Not building from scratch… its houses that needs make overs similar to house rules but don’t get mortgage paid off… get a dream home but not everyone will get a backyard makeover…

  2. It sounds like a revamped version of House Rules to me. They all went to a different state to renovate each others house and then the highest scorers also had their backyards renovated also.

  3. Isn’t it funny how TV works? tmw says “great promo” and all I could think while watching it, is it feels like the typical schmaltzy channel 7 fluff that says absolutely zero about the show, how it works, and why would anyone bother watching it over the Block. I don’t think Ch9 have anything to be worried about here.

    1. Agree. It has me intrigued wanting to know how the show works, how do they get the new home and who are these people? The host looks well suited to the role as giver of good news and genuinely interested in the presumably Aussie battlers he’s helping. This one could be a surprise hit of the year if the quality of the show is as good as the promo.

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