Four Corners: Mar 4

On Monday, why the rest of Australia should care about what’s happening at an elite Sydney school.

Amid the push for private boys’ schools in Australia to go co-educational, Monday’s Four Corners report, “Old School,” investigates if these institutions are safe places for girls.

Sydney’s elite Cranbrook School – where captains of industry and billionaires have studied or send their own children – was repeatedly identified in a petition about allegations of schoolboy sexual assaults.

Now, Four Corners reporter Louise Milligan exposes new allegations, speaking to female staff who have left the school, and investigates a wider history.

8.30pm on Monday 4 March on ABC

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  1. Because it believed that girls do better in single sex schools: because they are safer, because they don’t get taled over by by boys, because they don’t have to compete against boys in maths and sciences, subjects people believe wrongly they are inferior at. The evidence isn’t very clears. Some studies so that students do do better in single-sex schools, but a lot of single-sex schools are private or selective. There was a resent study from Ireland, where 33% students are in single sex schools that corrected for economic background. For 15 year-olds they found no statistically significant differences in 2018 PISA scores for reading, science or maths between single-sex or co-ed schools.

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