Returning: Outer Range

Star Josh Brolin makes his directorial debut in second season of genre-bending drama.

A second season of the genre-bending drama Outer Range will premiere on Prime Video in May.

Star and executive producer Josh Brolin (Dune: Part Two) will also make his directorial debut with Season Two’s penultimate episode.

Season Two builds on Season’s One foundation that set the central mystery in motion, with “payoffs, grounded twists, and liberated character journeys.”

Showrunner and executive producer is Charles Murray (True Story, Sons of Anarchy).

All seven episodes Thursday, May 16 on Prime Video.

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  1. Outer Range could have a long season run if the story is handled well, but having said that the creative issue with making these type of multi-dimensional sci-fi yarns usually means that the screenplays will become generic or repetitive. This type of sci-fi genre have been done to death lately.

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