Seven bursts back with AFL season

Even without any BVOD rights for AFL, Seven enjoyed a dominant Thursday audience.

Seven’s AFL returned on Thursday night with a Sydney Swans victory over the Melbourne Demons.

The game reached 2.15m viewers, without factoring in any BVOD viewers -Seven will not get digital rights until September. That left a National TV Audience average of 702,000.

Nine’s Thursday Night NRL reached 1.33m, including with BVOD, and averaged 505,000.

Meanwhile 7:30 drew 603,000 then Foreign Correspondent (466,000) and The Dog House (405,000).

Later Googlebox scored 512,000 then Grand Designs NZ (341,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.22m for Seven. The Chase won with 581,000 then Home & Away (437,000 including on 7TWO in some cities).

Nine News drew 1.02m. A Current Affair was 703,000 then Tipping Point 571,000. In select cities were RBT (207,000), Australia Behind Bars (180,000) and World’s Most Dangerous Prisoners (95,000).

ABC News was 756,000. An Antiques Roadshow replay was 177,000.

10 News First was 313,000 for 10 then The Project (262,000) and Deal or No Deal (253,000). Law & Order: SVU managed 194,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (175,000 / 121,000), DNA Family Secrets (158,000), Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy (119,000) and The Vanishing Triangle (89,000).

The Morning Show: 219,000 / 134,000
Today Extra: 170,000 / 121,000

National Total TV: Thursday 7 March 2024

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  1. Big result, with Friday and Saturday to come, even with Married’s huge week, I think the shares/margins thanks to the AFL will be too strong for Seven for Nine hoping to cling onto a weekly win, certainly nationally. Without bvod makes it look impressive. And this is without any Melbourne based-games and so many teams having byes.

  2. I have seen minutes of the AFL match between Swans & Melb as it was played at SCG. However, the MCG is unavailable on 7 March due to the relaying of the stadium. Maybe the Taylor Swift concert might have to do with the cost of relaying the turf.

    1. All 4 games during the opening round is in NSW & QLD to grow the game in those states. But I think the MCG would have been ready anyways if there were games played in Melb this week. They weren’t so I think the MCG took the resurfacing of new turf slower

    2. Was a cracking game to be at, and looked great in 4K on Fox when I got home and streamed parts of it. The AFL was always scheduled for Round 1 to be 14/03, however they introduced the Opening Round concept to bring footy to Sydney and Bris, hence no games in Melbourne and a week earlier than planned. The turf at MCG is looking stunning in their instagram story yesterday.

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