7News Spotlight: April 21

Spotlight profiles Anne Hegerty living with autism plus Charles Wooley travels down the Murray River.

7News Spotlight on Sunday hears from Anne Hegerty (aka The Governess from The Chase) on living with autism, plus Charles Woolley on the ecosystems of the Murray River.

Anne Hegerty is the formidable force behind The Chase Australia’s The Governess. Known for her assertive and competitive style, she confronts contestants with intelligence, wit and her signature sarcastic humour.

But beneath The Governess’ stern exterior lies a personal journey marked by trauma and triumph.

In a 7NEWS Spotlight exclusive airing this Sunday at 8.40pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, Anne will share her struggles with everyday tasks as one of the 75 million people worldwide living with autism.

She peels back the curtain on her childhood marked by emotional abuse, candidly reflecting on life with her “deadbeat” father and caring yet unconventional mother.

“I just grew up feeling like I couldn’t really do anything. I felt either invisible, or, that people saw me and didn’t like what they saw and would rather I was invisible,” Anne tells 7NEWS Spotlight.

Also on the program, join legendary investigative journalist Charles Wooley as he travels down the mighty Murray River, a waterway that has shaped the heart of our continent.

In his most epic adventure yet, Wooley will journey along its 2500km stretch, exploring stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems.

With recent rainfall bringing the river to its best in over 50 years, viewers will encounter diverse eco-systems that uncover the vibrant heritage of this remarkable river.

8:40pm Sunday on Seven.

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