Australia House becomes Bluey House

Australian High Commissioner recognises ABC show for its cultural impact across the United Kingdom and beyond.

Australia House in London was transformed into “Bluey House” on Sunday morning, as the Australian High Commissioner recognised the ABC show its cultural impact across the United Kingdom and beyond.

The event featured a marching band procession, and a Bluey character, watched on by adoring fans.

High Commissioner Stephen Smith said this was a special one-off award.

“I will award today the highest honour I’m authorised to give,” he said.

He said the show was a “fantastic cultural ambassador for Australia”.

“It allows modern day Australian stories to be taken to the world.

“It enables us through our creative and cultural diplomacy to create links with the United Kingdom in a way in which otherwise is not possible.”

More than 60 countries broadcast Bluey.

Show creator Joe Brumm paid tribute to “everyone who helped bring Bluey to life”.

“Our beautiful country is a character in the show just as much as any of the dogs, so to have brought it into the living rooms of the whole world, encouraging people to come and visit is something I’ll always be proud of.”

Source: ABC

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