Bluey not ending yet

ABC has kept new episodes under wraps but producers confirm there is more to come.

ABC refused to confirm if a 28 minute Bluey episode today would be the last.

But producer Sam Moor today BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the show would definitely be returning.

“The Sign” has not been available for preview and no synopsis has been released.

“We are keeping the synopsis and screener top secret so as to not have any spoilers. All will be revealed on Sunday!” ABC told TV Tonight.

“No it is not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” Moor told the BBC.

“We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.”

Executive producer Daley Pearson also told Sunrise it would be a “dream” to create a feature-length film.

“I think when we have taken risks, that’s when it’s been the most exciting and I think that’s when the audience has liked it the most as well.

“So whatever it will be, it will be something that we’re not quite sure if we can do. But we hope we can.”

“The Sign” airs 8am on ABC Kids and repeats at 6:20pm.

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  1. Bluey isn’t going anywhere — it makes up 30% of Disney+ streaming. The BBC will eventually move on to something else but not after 3 seasons. Whether the Brumms continue to write it single-handly is another thing.

  2. Type in “Bluey” into X search, the posts are coming through every minute, including mostly fans from the USA! Some saying they’re in Facebook ‘Bluey groups’, others saying water cooler moments at work. Extraordinary, nuclear reach stuff. And those ratings yesterday, eye watering, on a day two realities launched and the Bondi news. Hey… Go FTA 🙂

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