Eurovision 2024: Albania

Besa: "Titan"


Eurovision Semi Final Two
Besa: “Titan”

Besa Kokëdhima was born in Fier, Albania to mathematician parents, who encouraged her to develop her artistry from a very early age. This is reflected in her creativity, as BESA’s music is a unique blend of different genres ranging from pop to electronic, R&B to ballads, and everything in between. Domestically, she’s known for her catchy hooks and exuberant performances that are always full of surprises, suspense and emotion. She has a strong, passionate fanbase, who admire her as much for her singing as they do for her activism on animal rights, social causes and equality.

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  1. While the revamped song is quite good, it was disappointing to see the Albanian public choose another female power ballad when Festivali i Kenges was won by something differing and unique. “Çmendur” might not have won Eurovision, but at least it would have been a point of difference.

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