Eurovision introduces “Producer’s Choice” to Grand Final running order

Producers to have more control over Final running order to create an exciting show.

The 68th Eurovision Song Contest will makes its first change to how the running order for the Grand Final is determined since 2013.

Artists can draw a performance in the First Half, in the Second Half, or there’s now a brand-new third option: a new “Producer’s Choice” category.

In recent years, the qualifying countries from the Semi-Finals and the Big 5 have chosen which half of the Grand Final they will perform at random. The producers of the show then decided where in the First Half (songs 1 to 13) or Second Half (songs 14 to 26) of the Grand Final those acts would perform.

Host broadcaster SVT has revealed that 25 of the 26 artists in the Grand Final (Sweden has already drawn position 1) will be able to pick First Half, Second Half or Producer’s Choice in a random draw.

This means that if an artist pulls out Producer’s Choice in the random draw – the show producers will be able to place that song anywhere in either the First or the Second Half of the running order.

The change means there will now be 6 places to pick in the First Half of the running order, 6 places that can be chosen in the Second Half and 13 Producer’s Choice places.

The reason for the change is to give producers of the show even more of an opportunity to make all songs in the Grand Final stand out and create the most exciting running order possible.

Contest Producer Christer Björkman said, “It’s all about creating the best TV show possible and giving all artists a chance to shine. In previous years, with just the First Half and Second Half draws you might find many ballads ended up in the same part of the show or many favourites were drawn to perform in the same half. Adding the flexibility of Producer’s Choice gives me the ability to create an even better flow of different tempos and an even more thrilling Grand Final.”

The Big 5 will be picking either First Half, Second Half or Producer’s Choice after their second Rehearsal on Saturday 4 May.

Then each of the 10 qualifiers from the First Semi-Final on Tuesday 7 May will draw one of those three options from the bowl immediately after the show.

The 10 qualifying artists from the Second Semi-Final will draw from the remaining options.

When all the 25 options are chosen, producers will compile the running order for the Grand Final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest in the early hours of Friday 10 May.

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