Hard Quiz: April 24

Experts tonight tackle topics including When Harry Met Sally and the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Tonight on Hard Quiz, Tom Gleeson tests four more so-called experts…

They are Helen, a fan of When Harry Met Sally; Patrick, who loves The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Melinda, who’s really into Sir Douglas Mawson, and Wayne, perhaps the only Australian who understands the sport of curling!
Which of them will walk away with the big brass mug?
8pm tonight on ABC.

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  1. All I know about When Harry Met Sally is that it has the line “I’ll Have What She’s Having” and stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. My favourites from Real Housewives of Melbourne are Gina and Jackie. Is the South Australian suburb Mawson Lakes named after Sir Douglas Mawson? Homer and Marge did curling in a Simpsons episode.

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