iwonder: April highlights

Ecological doco narrated by Kate Winslet will screen ahead of Earth Day on iwonder.

Three new documentaries themed around Earth Day (April 22), including one narrated by Kate Winslet, will premiere this month on doco streamer iwonder.

Eco Warriors of Africa
April 11
The world’s youngest continent is in a state of emergency, especially for the 70 percent of Africa’s population under thirty, who confront a daunting future unless urgent action is taken. Beyond the rapid shifts in weather patterns and food systems already affecting numerous communities across the continent, the anticipated consequences of climate change, deforestation, and land degradation could lead to species extinction and have profound impacts on both people and ecosystems. As this documentary explores how Africa’s young leaders are rallying to protect our planet, a global crisis continues to unfold, with Africa facing particularly grave risks.

Weathering the Storm
April 16
A community in Louisiana is being resettled, as their island home is disappearing underwater. As the residents in storm-wracked Louisiana consider how long their resilience will last, catastrophic storm after catastrophic storm has left them stretched to breaking point. Many have simply left the region. Others realise that change must come if they want to preserve their homes and way of life. They are, as one resident says, “the tip of the spear” and warn of the consequences for coastal communities worldwide.

Eating Our Way to Extinction
April 18
A hard-hitting and visually stunning feature-length documentary, narrated and executive produced by Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet, featuring shocking testimonials and poignant first-hand accounts from Indigenous people most affected by our ever-changing planet. This compelling documentary uncovers hard truths and addresses the most pressing issue of our time – ecological collapse. With leading scientific experts, and a wealth of world-renowned contributors, including Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, it has a message of hope that will empower audiences

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