100% Footy tirade leads to NRL fine

Phil Gould has been fined $20,000 by the NRL for on air comments.

Nine commentator and Canterbury football boss Phil Gould has been fined $20,000 by the NRL following a tirade on Nine’s 100% Footy on Monday night.

ABC reports Gould, who is Bulldogs’ general manager of football, took aim at a ‘no try’ ruling against Tigers hooker Api Koroisau in their clash with Brisbane, obstructions, as well as new rules around kick disruptors and dropouts.

“What sort of stupid game is this?” he said.

“Who sits and makes up these rules? … We are so stupid with our rules.”

The NRL hit him with a breach notice and a $20,000 fine, half of which would be suspended for 24 months.

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo said, “We welcome constructive criticism and passionate opinions, but registered officials cannot overstep the mark and make comments that are considered detrimental to the game or NRL competition. Destructive attacks on the game itself will not be tolerated.”

Gould has been given five business days to respond.

100% Footy screens 9:45pm Monday on Nine (Syd / Bris)

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  1. That’s the problem when you juggle being a TV commentator when you have a passion for your sport (and you want to say what many are thinking)… but at the same time have a role in the club meaning the NRL can come down on you dare you try to criticise them. Not that I watch NRL, but I’d rather commentators be allowed to speak their minds and vent their frustrations – otherwise you end up with a cleansed opinion-free broadcast where everyone just agrees with everything no matter how blatantly wrong or stupid something is… just like most BCCI-hosted or produced cricket tournaments, where the BCCI hand pick commentators and direct them not to say anything negative about the game or the officiating.

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