AFL pushes Seven News, Home & Away on Monday.

But audience dipped for Dream Home. HYBPA? wins for 10.

With a public holiday in multiple states and arvo AFL, Seven’s primetime enjoyed some strong early evening numbers on Monday, although it dipped for Dream Home.

Meanwhile, in the key primetime slot, 7:30 drew 803,000 then Australian Story (758,000), MasterChef Australia (716,000) Australian Swimming Championships (687,000) and Dream Home (661,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? (746,000), Four Corners  (688,000), Media Watch (651,000).

Seven’s AFL drew 721,000 in daytime.

Seven News was high at 1.55m for Seven. Home & Away was also up at 900,000 then The Chase (511,000). 10 Years of The Big Freeze managed 214,000 and 9-1-1 was 132,000 at various times.

Nine News pulled 1.33m for Nine with A Current Affair at 1.15m then Tipping Point (676,000). 100% Footy was 133,000 then Footy Classified (125,000).

ABC News was up at 953,000. Hard Quiz (424,000), Gruen (280,000) and Antiques Roadshow (162,000) followed.

The Project scored 393,000 for 10. 10 News First was 344,000 then Deal or No Deal (204,000) and Rove McManus: Loosey Goosey (104,000).

SBS World News was 166,000 / 106,000.

Sunrise: 364,000
Today: 271,000
News Breakfast:

National Total TV: Monday 10 June 2024

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  1. David are networks disclosing state based ratings anymore or is it all covered up? I miss seeing whether Seven or Nine news were winning in different cities or states.

  2. Some interesting stuff in those Seven ratings, especially around the diminution in the key demographics.

    Home and Away’s 900,000 national audience is pretty impressive, but with 297,000 in 25 to 54 and 133,000 in 16 to 39 that’s 430,000 in the key demos. Given the big overlap between these two demos it would not be unreasonable to conclude the actual total across 16-54 is maybe 300,000 or a third of the total audience, two-thirds being either children or the moderately mature adults. That suggests a level of unsustainability especially as something like Home and Away is clearly pitched at the 16-30 range given the characters.

    Dream Home would be expected to pitch a little older but total of 661,000 and demos of 220,000 and 101,000 also suggests possibly only a third in the prime range.

    It does not look really hopeful.

  3. Chris Brown is doing what any of us would – best money/best deal. Sure, he doesn’t quite suit a house Reno show, but who knows?
    The conversation about the Friday night live chat show seems confident, television is a very changing landscape right now

  4. It’s still early days, but Channel 10 must be pleased with the continued (non) reaction to Chris Brown, after he euthanized them.

    (And the far cheaper replacement Robert Irwin came up trumps for them).

    If his ratings don’t dance for seven on his next venture, his TV future may be reduced to I’m a Celebrity –
    but on the other side of the fence.

      1. Popular Australian TV presenter Dr. Chris Brown will leave the Ten Network later this year, having been poached by rival network Seven. (news.com.au 2 Feb 23)

        Seven swoops on 10 star (your headline 2 Feb 23)

        The Living Room had no job for him, but the jungle still did.
        However Chris Brown killed his deal with 10 and the jungle, instead accepting 7’s offer.
        And Channel 7’s “swoop” currently is not paying off.

        Not sure how else it can be read.

        1. Surely there’s still a reasonable chance of Dr Chris Brown getting a fulltime spot on Better Homes & Gardens (either as the vet or main host) at some point?

          Although he definitely suits the theme/format of IACGMOOH, I’m also not entirely convinced that Robert Irwin is necessarily a cheaper option for Ten. Knowing who his father was, this observer would’ve thought Rob might command at least some value to US networks on an appropriate program, similar to how Bindi was a contestant on the US Dancing With The Stars some years ago IIRC.

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