7News Spotlight: June 2

David Koch will lead a panel of experts to help Australians stretch their weekly budgets.

On Sunday 7News Spotlight screens “Creating Change – A Cost of Living Special,” offering solutions that Australians can implement to help stretch their weekly budgets.

Host Michael Usher said: “This affects everyone, no matter your financial position. Everyone in every generation is searching for a way to save money and balance rising costs. Our panel and guests hopefully help guide us to better financial positions.”

Finance expert David Koch will lead a panel of experts, providing invaluable insights and strategies to immediately impact financial wellbeing. He will be joined by Angela Jackson, Lead Economist at Impact Economics & Policy; Besa Deda, Chief Economist of Westpac’s Business Bank; Scott Phillips, Motley Fool’s Chief Investment Officer; and Gemma Acton, 7News Network Finance Editor.

The expert panel will engage with a live studio audience and address questions from viewers nationwide, offering practical advice to empower Australians to navigate their finances more effectively.

7News Spotlight will feature real stories of Australians caught in the ongoing crisis, including Aussie country music star James Blundell, who candidly opens up about his own financial woes and reveals the traps that led to his bankruptcy.

Kochie said: “Australian families are at breaking point when it comes to cost of living. But there are some simple steps you can take which could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

“Line by line through your budgets, there are savings to be had and it’s not that hard to find them. The pay-off can be big.”

Sunday at 8.45pm on Seven.

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