Farmer Wants a Wife wraps, Extra-Ordinary Things debuts on Tuesday.

Farmer draws just shy of a season high well in front of the competition. ABC debuts two new local shows.

Farmer Wants a Wife wrapped its season last night at 1.09m viewers with another pairing plus a wedding from a 2021 couple, Farmer Andrew and Jess.

That was just shy of the show’s biggest audience and wraps up a successful season, with a Reunion still to come on Sunday night.

In their wake were 7:30 (649,000), MasterChef Australia (629,000), The Summit (495,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (308,000).

Later Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things debuted to 498,000 then The Cheap Seats (492,000), The Marlow Murder Club (388,000) and Clarkson’s Farm (349,000).

Seven News topped viewing at 1.41m with Home & Away strong at 854,000. The Chase drew 736,000.

Nine News averaged 1.24m for Nine wins for A Current Affair (1.04m) and Tipping Point (746,000). Opal Hunters: Red Dirt Road Trip managed 230,000.

The Project pulled 337,000 for 10 with 10 News First (335,000) and Deal or No Deal (317,000). NCIS was 181,000.

ABC News scored 861,000. Hard Quiz was 415,000 then newcomer Secret Science (287,000), Antiques Roadshow (282,000) and David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema (250,000).

On SBS Insight was 172,000 with the Giro D’Italia at 60,000 on VICELAND.

Sunrise: 408,000
Today: 346,000
News Breakfast: 255,000

National Total TV: Tuesday 21 May 2024 

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  1. How long until the commercial networks try to snap up Tony Armstrong (if they haven’t already). He’s had a string of hits in primetime and clearly attracts an audience. Maybe he’s the one to save Ten.

  2. We stumbled oner an episode of Deal or No Deal on Ten Play a week or two ago. The ads during each break consisted of 1 for Woolworths, 2 promos for 10 and up to 3 promos for Paramount +.
    Which makes me wonder if there are there enough businesses in the country to support so many advertising outlets???

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