“For now at least the treatment has done it’s job”: Denise Scott gives health update

Comedy legend Denise Scott reveals her latest mammogram was clear after lengthy cancer treatment.

Comedy legend Denise Scott (Mother & Son, Travel Guides) has given an update on Facebook as to her ongoing treatment for cancer, telling her followers her latest mammogram was clear.

“Yesterday was my last day of chemo. I’ve been having treatment for breast cancer HER2 positive pretty much non stop for 17 months,” she wrote.

She detailed the last 17 months of treatment as:

Feb 2023-May 2023 Chemo.

June 2023 lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes from right arm pit.

August 2023 -Sept 2023 Daily Radiation sessions for 6 weeks.

Aug 2023 – May 2024 9 more months of Chemo.

“For now at least the treatment has done it’s job. Latest mammogram was clear,” she continued.

“I lost all my hair first round of chemo, then got these thin white quite frankly disappointing tufts grow in second round – different sort of chemo.

“So many people to thank and acknowledge. But for now l’ll leave it there. Thank you for (your) lovely messages.”

We love you, Scotty!

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