Married at First Australia wraps huge season in UK

Australian series wraps in the UK as E4’s highest rating show of 2024.

Season 11 of Married At First Sight Australia has finished on air in the UK this week (April 30) drawing record numbers.

It was E4’s highest rating show of 2024 in live and consolidated ratings, and E4’s second highest rating show since 2022 in Total People, 25-54s and 16-34s (second only to MAFS UK).

Excluding multi-device viewing (phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers) it was the highest rating show across all digital and pay-TV channels in 2024 in 25-54s and 16-34s.

Consolidating viewing built to over 1.6 million total viewers, 950,000 in 25-54s and 315,000 in 16-34s (7-day ratings). Consolidated ratings are up more than 14% year-on-year in Total People, up more than 23% year-on-year in 25-54s and up 3% in 16-34s.

Nine Director of Production Adrian Swift recently said, “It’s extraordinary the kind of numbers it’s getting…..I think those kinds of things have opened doors for Australian producers.”

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  1. The figures are impressive, considering that E4 is a multichannel of Channel 4. I saw quite a bit of this show, only because a couple of friends were watching it. It’s outrageous at times. It creates social discussion for viewers, as opposed to a program that is viewed passively.

    I was left wondering if it was all staged. If it was scripted with good acting. Or if it was part staged. I noticed on a FWAW ad, there was mention that the love stories are actually real, and wondering if it was a quip about MAFS.

    In terms of exporting shows, if selling to a market like the UK, the demographic is far more diverse. It’s wise to take that into consideration. Especially when shows are made with potential to be exported. I think MAFS did have a bit of diversity. Though ultimately it’s the storytelling that makes the show.

    1. E4 is Channel 4s 16-34 channel, MAFS is a fairly big budget production them. Of course 65m people in the UK didn’t watch it. FWAW puts people together and lets them select partners if they like someone. MAFS throws opposites into co-habitation for maximum partner swapping, twists and melodrama. It is very popular.

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