SBS on Demand: Davos 1917

German espionage series centres around a Swiss nurse post WWI, whose daughter is taken from her.

German espionage series Davos 1917 premieres this week.

In German with English subtitles. All six episodes available.
The First World War is ravaging Europe; by contrast, Switzerland seems like an oasis of peace. But behind the scenes of neutrality, the secret agents of world powers are lurking in Davos—an espionage network. After Swiss nurse Johanna’s (Dominique Devenport) Red Cross mission on the Western Front, she returns pregnant to her hometown of Davos, where her family runs the “Cronwald” sanatorium. Along with patients from different social classes, they also accommodate wealthy and influential guests from all over Europe. Johanna soon gets caught between spies operating in Davos, and when her daughter is taken from her, is forced to play a dangerous game with the German Secret Service.

Thursday 23 May at SBS On Demand.

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  1. I must confess I have neglected the SBS on Demand in recent months, but Davos 1917 will get my attention, I can’t resist historical period yarns if they are well made.

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