Travel Guides: May 26

NSFW Travel Guides visit Florida and Vegas and one very explicit artwork....


This Sunday’s Travel Guides will see the guides visiting Florida and Vegas.

There’s also a very explicit artwork (which I’ve edited for Google compliance) that could well raise some eyebrows going into a PG slot.

But hey, it’s the same slot where MAFS (and The Block) drop expletives all the time, right?

Our Guides start in Miami at the iconic South Beach. They’ll explore Little Havana and Miami’s art scene, before visiting an authentic gator park. From there to the Bahamas on the world’s sixth largest cruise ship and a swim with pigs.

7pm Sunday on Nine.

4 Responses

  1. Don’t Nine have one of the founding TV network classification officers, been there for like half a century, also one of the company’s longest serving employees? If they need a timeslot reviewed or edited, surely there’s no broadcaster more experienced and qualified. A fail if they indeed breach the Code and get in trouble from ACMA I say!

  2. At the end of last week’s episode (19/5), they advertised that this sunday’s ep is Florida & the Bahamas. Now, they say that this week with be – LA & Las Vegas!.

    What is going on @ 9’s Programming Department?

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