Airdate: Unbroken

German thriller centres around a heavily pregnant Chief Inspector who suddenly disappears and wakes up a week later with her baby gone...

2021 German crime series Unbroken, which has previously screened via SBS on Demand, has a linear premiere tonight.

Heavily pregnant Chief Inspector Alex Enders (Aylin Tezel) goes on maternity leave and suddenly disappears. She wakes up a week later, bloodied, her baby gone, and with no memory of the birth.

Alex’s boss, Paul Nowak (Özgür Karadeniz), does everything in his power to find her missing baby, but is ultimately unable to do so. When her colleagues make no headway in investigating the kidnapping, Alex takes over. She gets entangled in a web of suspicions and lies and risks everything to get her child back – her job, her relationship, and her own life.

Episode One:
Shortly after going on maternity leave, a very pregnant Inspector Alexandra Enders is drugged and kidnapped from a supermarket parking lot. Six days later, Alex regains consciousness in a wooded area, covered in blood, with no memory and no baby bump.

Tuesday, 11 June at 11.00pm on SBS.

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  1. Last time I tried watching one of these crime shows SBS dumped it for cycling for a couple of weeks and the episodes had expired on On Demand. With the Tour De France coming probably won’t gamble on being able to watch it. And SBS rarely buys later series for any foreign shows that are good enough to get them. This one doesn’t look great anyway.

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