“I feel so privileged”: Paul Higgins signs off ABC News

Victorian weatherman farewells viewers after 21 years in the role and nearly 40 years in television.

Veteran ABC presenter Paul Higgins signed off for the last time, wrapping nearly 40 years in television.

He has been weather presenter at ABC News Victoria for 21 years.

But he joined ABC in 1986 becoming presenter and producer on Behind the News.

“Every day we used to get all the newspapers,” he said.

“At that stage there were three in the morning and one at night … so I’d just sit there and read it all.”

In 1987 he joined Seven News, whilst still working for ABC.

“When I started doing the weather at Seven,” he says, “we relied on faxes coming in from the weather bureau, which may or may not turn up, and they’d send in a weather map with isobars on it.

“It was just a black-and-white blurry map and someone in the graphics department would have to sit there and trace it all out and then fill in the temperatures.

“The satellite picture used to be couriered to us from the bureau, on this beautiful glossy map,” he says.

In 1995 he became a Melbourne Chief-of-Staff for Nine’s Midday.

By 2003, was offered the permanent weather gig at the ABC in Melbourne.

Presenter Tamara Oudyn paid tribute to her colleague, introducing a montage before the crew presented him with flowers.

Higgins told viewers, “I’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely messages, thoughts and wishes I’ve received over the last week and so grateful to have been given the opportunity to guide everyone through the weather and the news over a long innings.

“I’m honoured to have worked with so many talented, fearless and wonderful colleagues over the years and for those of you at home, I feel so privileged that you’ve welcomed me into your place each night for all these years.

“It’s very humbling. Be well, take care of yourself and those around you of course, and thank you.”

Source: ABC News

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  1. These days I have only been watching the ABC TV (Melbourne) news at 7.15 pm (for Alan Kohler) and then 7.25 pm (for Paul Higgins). An absolute professional with twinkling sense of humour. He will be a great loss and I’ll think of him every time it’s a double-doona night.

  2. A total TV professional, skilled in so many areas of broadcasting – and one of the nicest guys in the business. All the best for the future Paul!

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