Seven News, ACA, Aust. Swimming Trials, Gruen in Wednesday winners.

Home & Away tops entertainment. Tipping Point wins game show battle.

Nine had a number of timeslot wins on Wednesday while ABC’s Gruen continues to deliver for ABC.

Australian Swimming Trials again led its slot at 757,000 in National TV Audience then Hard Quiz (691,000), MasterChef Australia (670,000), 7:30 (668,000), The 1% Club UK (490,000) then Hunt for Truth: Tasmanian Tiger (236,000).

Later Gruen drew 725,000 then The Front Bar (540,000), NCIS: Sydney (359,000) and a replay of Austin (323,000).

Seven News was #1 at 1.35m then Home & Away topped entertainment (873,000) and The Chase (695,000). Dream Home was 240,000 in select cities. Talking Footy was 186,000.

Nine News pulled 1.23m with wins by A Current Affair (1.06m) and Tipping Point (749,000). Ski Rescue Down Under averaged 310,000. Footy Classified was 75,000.

ABC News scored 906,000. A Hard Quiz replay (434,000), Antiques Roadshow (269,000), Spicks & Specks (218,000) and Planet America (194,000) followed.

The Project was 371,000 for 10 then 10 News First (361,000) and Deal or No Deal (332,000). FBI: International was 161,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (187,000 / 135,000), Fly with Me (126,000), Mastermind (102,000) and This Town (53,000).

Sunrise: 377,000
Today: 322,000
News Breakfast: 234,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 12 June 2024


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  1. I’m really enjoying NCIS: Sydney Last time I watched a crime show associated with water was CSI: Miami.
    I’m surprised it’s not rating better.
    I think it’s well scripted, contains humour and the usual crime solving expected in this genre.

  2. I get the impression that the scales are slowly tipping in favour of Tipping Point, even though it is at a fluctuating level. I think The Chase is great, though it has been around for a while and is getting stale. Could it be the casting of the chasers? Or could it be that it’s time for a spin-off, like Beat The Chasers Australia. I still prefer The Chase over Tipping Point as I think it’s a bit more intellectual, though I think it’s about finding the middle ground for ratings.

    1. Solace, I reckon it’s more than “slowly tipping”. It’s been quite consistently more than the chase for some months now. What I found interesting is that the news ratings haven’t changed anyway. The thinking used to be the 5-6pm slot was critical to news ratings but so far, seven has maintained a 100-200k margin almost every night. Good on nine for trying a new show (and they needed to). Seven I guess would be a tad anxious but the chase ratings are not super bad and their news still going strong in National overnight numbers. My guess is they are suffering in NSW and QLD but we don’t see those numbers anymore…..

  3. David, isn’t the reason why 1% dipped because 7 had a split line up? 1% got 490k & Dream home got 240k so 7’s 7:30 slot got 730k combined which is on par with what 1% normal gets when it’s shown everywhere.

    2nd in the slot ahead of MasterChef

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