State of Origin I is a blockbuster at 3.44m viewers

Origin's massive ratings are the biggest overnight audience of 2024 and the highest rating program of all time on 9Now.

The new ratings system has been a boon to the first State of Origin match last night with a massive 3.44m Australians -the biggest overnight audience for 2024.

That’s the average for the broadcast and not the Reach (which is meteorically higher measuring just 1 minute of the game).

The new system adds BVOD into metro + regional linear broadcast, which were largely separate figures under the old measure.

The biggest audience was in Sydney at 934,000 then Brissy (809,000) and Melbourne (287,000) where it topped all 3 cities –Seven News still took line honours in Adelaide and Perth.

Nine scored a whopping 48.12% share for the night, more than double its competition. The game also becomes the highest rating program of all time on 9Now.

Origin left the entertainment alternatives in its wake with The 1% Club at 627,000 then 7:30 (593,000), Hard Quiz (583,000) and MasterChef Australia (531,000).

Later Gruen drew 603,000 then The Front Bar (466,000), QI (363,000 / 294,000), and NCIS: Sydney (252,000).

Nine News averaged 1.3m with Tipping Point at 726,000.

Seven News won with 1.39m while Home & Away topped entertainment with 791,000 and a win for The Chase (729,000). Talking Footy was 196,000.

ABC News averaged 883,000. A Hard Quiz replay (415,000), Antiques Roadshow (255,000) and Planet America (214,000) followed.

The Project managed 355,000 or 10 then 10 News First (314,000) and Deal or No Deal (302,000). FBI: International was 123,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (194,000 / 145,000), David Attenborough & the Giant Elephant (154,000), Nicole Kidman: Eyes Wide Open (144,000), Mastermind  (111,000) and This Town (44,000).

Sunrise: 408,000
Today: 314,000
News Breakfast: 251,000

National Total TV: Wednesday 5 June 2024

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  1. Nine will be very pleased with those numbers although the series is not in great shape. NSW needed to win the first game to have any chance. Also noticed Dylan Write (?) singing the national anthem – sevens Adol winner this year.

  2. I watched Origin game on 9Now through alternate angles. With the alternate angles, I won’t have to suffer through ads popping up on screen, the old VO man, and the callers. For so many years now we had to put up with the depressing commentary—I have heard the callers arguing, stating the bleeding obvious and going off tangents. Some of the jokes in the commentary were not funny and this is why I have avoided watching 9’s commentary

    1. Hi, could explain to this old man how this alternative angles works. I gather you have to watch it through the app only and is the option easily accessible or do you have to do a double somersault to find it and load it? Thanks.

      I agree about the commentary, but I think they know who their audience is – old men like me who they believe think a certain way.

      1. Over on 9Now, There’s the Spidercam, NSW Player cam and qld player cam where you can watch it without the ads and commentary. For this, it’s a good incentive to stream the match through Spidercam, meaning you won’t need to put up with the stale commentary team.

  3. On The Front Bar last night Sam Pang made a joke about the incompetence of Channel 7 Camera operators -and it got a good laugh.

    Mick Molloy got another laugh when he suggested that Sam would not get anymore closeups in the show.

    In the days of Don Lane and Hey Hey, the director would have then milked the laugh by panning to a 2 shot, removing Sam from view.

    The director instead stayed continuously on the same monotonous 3 shot until just before the commercial break.

    Maybe the director was asleep or too busy playing with their phone.
    Maybe the director was a computer.

    But it’s a reminder of why so called live Australian TV these days too often look so clinical.

    1. You make a good point. I was watching when Sam made the statement and thought to myself “he’ll pay for that”, but he seemed to get away with it.

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