Returning: Domestic Blitz

The bus is rolling back into the street (no not that one the upset a local council).

Shelley Craft, Scott Cam and co are back to makeover a family and their home in a special to air at 7:30pm Wednesday 4th February on Nine.

The Domestic team are back to bring some joy into the lives of newlyweds Jan and Stephen who were rocked by devastating news only months into their marriage. The Blitz team intervenes to give the couple some magic memories and a spruced up house and garden.

Keep your eyes open for Rosie the Dog, apparently a mutt that’s out of control…


  1. please help if posssible! we have a wonderful caring dedicated nurse who is not only fighting cancer but possibly will looose her home, her husband has been put off from his job, their teenager daughter has left school as she is struggling to cope with her mothers cancer and now is trying to attend tafe but only with a struggle, their car has recently blown up, she now has to travel to sydney for her chemo and tests by train, Im trying to find some help for our very special nurse, she gives tiressly to the elderly where she works, as well as go do her second job at balmain hospital at night to try and save her home and family, she doesn’t have time to herself to rest. Please help please! Thankyou, Sharon and Carole , concerned friends and nurses,

  2. hi i would really like you to come to my house my mum does so mutch for me and my brothers to try and keep us together as a family. mum is going throw a lot she dose get up set after a little while and gives up.we do try and keep my mum happy. please help me and my brothers.

  3. I missed your program 30th August were childrena ffected by motor neurone disease. I would like to seek some more info please..