Lucas eliminated from MasterChef

lucasIt was down to the ever-popular Julie and returning contestant Lucas, after the MasterChef Australia contestants were told to make two pies: a savoury and a sweet.

But for Lucas Parsons, his two creations weren’t enough to impress the judges, including guest judge Luke Mangan.

“I didn’t nail it today – There is no time for grey areas. I was praying there would be a twist but there wasn’t,” he said.

George Calombaris farewelled him saying, “You have been an absolute pleasure. You’ve already succeeded in another area of your life.

Gary Mehigan added, “Don’t undersell yourself. You’ve cooked some great dishes, you lost today but how much have you gained.” (Cue Helen Reddy, eh Gazza?)

On leaving the series, Lucas, 39, said, “It’s so nice to put your heart on a plate – I’m going to learn from those mistakes, take them to my café, and get it right. I’m walking out of the kitchen happy today. My café is about the coffee at the moment.”

It was a tough show for tonight’s frazzled chefs with many in tears.

The winner of the challenge was Poh, who gets to choose the invention test for Tuesday’s five remaining contestants.


  1. Now that Julia has gone I won’t be watching anymore…or will Lucas and Julia get a second chance……..Justine must win because that is the way the judges want it,,,,,,so disapointing, so unfair.

  2. With all these advances in TV (HD, surround sound etc) where the hell are the advances in taste-o-vision! I wanna taste some of this stuff so bad!!!

  3. @Mary Collins. They weren’t instructed to use the pie pans. Some made big ones, some uses small pie pans, Poh thought outside the box and did a different interpretation of a pie. The only thing they were instructed to do was to make patsry which had to be used. Poh made both of the pastries and used them in her dishes. Both her pies looked amazing. Would love to eat her rhubarb pie.

  4. Julia and Lucas were both in the bottom three. Maybe being fast-tracked to the final week isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    As for Julie, I have always been an advocate of Julie being eliminated but – and maybe this is the cold/flu drugs talking – but I was just starting to warm up to her and her “vomit-pie”., and as a result I found myself hoping that she didn’t get eliminated. This is exactly what has kept this lady in the competition for so long. When you look at it objectively, she should have gone home, no question.

  5. I agree that Poh is favoured, whether the judges are aware they are doing or not is another matter.

    Also agree Julie should have gone over Lucas.

    Go Chris! Ha ha to all you haters who wish he was gone (now he will probably be eliminated tonight and I’ll have to eat my words)

  6. Sorry to see Lucas go, but he did make two pies -though it lack seasoning. Julie only made one pie and a “puddle”, and Poh’s pies doesnt look like pies. Poh only produced one little pie against the others who uses the pie pans as instructed. The judges certainly have their favorites, Chris should have won last night.

  7. I love Julie, but she should have been eliminated last night. She failed to produce two pies versus Lucas with a lack of seasoning ???
    Poh once again can do no wrong, even though what she came up with couldn’t be futher from a ‘pie’, I so hope she doesn’t win!!!
    The advantage she’s been given for tonight is huge, so no doubt she will be around until the end of the week. The female contestants certainly seem to be favoured by the judges, maybe in the final week all dishes should have been judged in blind tastings, for a truly impartial result.

  8. Yay for Poh, so glad she won that challenge. And sucked in Chris. Hope he crashes and burns. The judges won’t allow that though. They want him to win no doubt about it.

  9. Lucas seems like a lovely guy but how many weeks has he been away working in a restaurant kitchen and flavourless pies was the best he could do. I’m sure the judges would have taken that into consideration.
    What is it about Poh? Why don’t the judges just skip in front of her scattering rose petals? Talk about blatant favouritism.
    If Chris wins (i hope not) would anyone run out and buy his cook book so they can cook a pig’s head in the comfort of their own home?

  10. Lucas got ripped off, because the judges obviously want to keep Julie on the show for ratings… Julie can obviously cook well at home, but, working in a professional kitchen, I very much doubt she could keep up with orders…

  11. Glad Chris didn’t win the challenge, I can’t stand him. Glad Julie is still there! Her pies were awful but I liked her better than Lucas.

  12. Darren Hawkins

    I was absolutely applaued that Julie wasn’t eliminated. As the test was to make 2 pies & she didn’t even complete that task.
    Secondly Lucas produced 2 pies even though lacking seasoning he completed the taste ask of him.
    Poh’s Pie was more like a Pastie & even though the Rhubarb Dessert looked & tasted good it wasn’t by any means a Pie.
    Sorry guys for that but the judges have it wrong.

  13. The tongue is gone…. and yes, Poh’s pies looked yummiliscious!!!! There was a lot of commotion in the audience about them:

    “rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb”
    = )

  14. Poh’s pies looked absolutely awesome! Glad to see she won the challenge.

    I’m glad that Julie didn’t go home today, I want to see her in the competition for a little longer before she goes. 🙂 Still, sad to see Lucas go.

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