Grant Denyer joins Spencer Tunick naked shoot

This is going to be one of the stories when we look back on the year and remember the stuff we just could have never even dreamt up.

Sunrise weather man Grant Denyer went above and beyond the call today when he joined in the nude photo shoot by photographer Spencer Tunick at the Sydney Opera House.

The intrepid, and newlywed, Denyer reportedly kept his back to the cameras while Sunrise did a live cross for the installation which was commissoned by Mardi Gras organisers. Still that was probably an eyeful for those still having their Weet Bix.

5200 people turned out for the event, topping the 4,500 who fronted for a Melbourne shoot in 2001 (by all accounts, much chillier!).

Tunick told AAP, “Gay men and women lay naked next to their straight neighbours and this delivered a very strong message to the world that Australians embrace a free and equal society,” he said.

Tunick said he was delighted to be able to assemble the installation at the base of “one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the world”.

If Denyer keeps this up he could be rivalling Louis Theroux and John Safran for throwing himself into a story.

You can see the full pic at the Daily Telegraph website.

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  1. seriously for every1 who is complaining about gettin turned off there breakfast…grow up its a bit of fun thats what its all about, if u dont like change to channel 9 or 10…grant is always up for adventure and thats what makes it interesting and fun instead of just havin a boring person standing there reading the weather

  2. Geez Grant cops it from some of you morons.I remember when half of Bondi was out to see his World Record jump from a helicopter several years ago,the place was abuzz.The man brings a sparkle to the show & has a good sense of humor,something a lot of you whingers do not appear to have.And Stevie on nine is of a very similiar personality…have met both & are both lovely people.

  3. @Benjamin. What??? James Tobin, and Jason Dundas?? Naked?? Where are these pics???

    And yeah naked or not, Grant should not be on Sunrise. Was better without him.

  4. tasmanian devil

    Note to the people at Sunrise:

    Look up the definition of weather. It does not mean ‘a stupid person behaving in a stupid manner’, which is what they seemingly think. 99% of what goes into Sunrise’s weather segment has absolutely nothing to do with weather.

  5. @ Michael,

    James Tobin has already posed nude, except it was for last year’s world environment day issue of the Australian OK magazine. He was only 1 of 2 male tv celebs who creatively posed for the nude shoot. The other guy was Getaway’s Jason Dundas.

    Grant said this morning that it might of been a test of commitment, after he just recently got married a week ago.

  6. Good on Grant. I was there this morning in the shoot and it was fabulous! A great sense of community, completely appropriate behaviour from everyone, a chilly wind that sent a laugh through the crowd and as soon as the clothes were off, we were like laughing children. Liberating and empowering.

  7. Today had a few nipple slips when steve was between the 2 girls (and the guy behind him).

    But yeah, not something you need to see when having your breakfast…..

  8. And on Today, Steve Jacobs was doing a silly bit with one of the nude models, when the naked guy decided prematurely that he didn’t need to cover up anymore. Remember when they used to do the weather?

  9. James Tobin l would of loved too see naked lol.Grant and his little bits put me off my breakfast lol……………..,but james would not of put me off.Gee Grant seriously will do anything for more attention,wish he never returned to Sunrise.

  10. He made a gay comment about sailors too….. i dont see anyone jumping up and down like they did with Eddie….. shows how much of a media beat up it was

  11. Never mind the full pic, i saw the full frontal on Sunrise this morning. I had actually just turned the tv on, and there’s Grant shaking his ass and running at the camera covering his crotch. Why couldn’t they have kept James Tobin on for another week.

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