Carrie Bickmore returns to 7PM Project

Carrie Bickmore has returned to the desk on The 7PM Project tonight, following the passing of her husband in December.

Ahead of the show beginning she gave an on-air thankyou to viewers.

“Hi, before we start the show tonight.. I just want to say it’s been overwhelming how much love and support I have received over the past few months,” she said.

“It has been an extremely tough and exhausting time, but I am OK.

“For me, work has always been a great outlet, a place for me to come and have a laugh, and I have really missed my other family, Charlie and Hughesy and all of you.. and I’m really looking forward to coming home again tonight.

“So welcome to The 7pm Project.”


  1. This is great.Considering your only other decent non Pay TV alternative is a done to death repeat of 2.5 men over at 9 I commend Ten for sticking to 7pm after the News for without it we would be stuck with more outdated US Sitcoms.

  2. Carries speech reminded me of when Rove first came back after Belindas death. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Its nice she thanked everyone. Im sure she will feel better having the first show over and done with. Its good to have her back. As she said she wanted to get back to her other family.

    I really enjoy the 7pm project when Jennifer Byrnes is on it. I think she is a wonderful panelist.

  3. Well i am a fan of Carrie (although i don’t see why people need to start off the post with whether they are or aren’t fans of hers) and i must say it feels right for her to be back. With all the fill in guest hosts it made it feel like the show was still in holiday mode.

  4. So nice to have her warm hearted presence on screen. She has really impressed me on 7pm project for the past eighteen months (i was not a Rove fan), Her vulnerability and warmth gave the show much needed centre. I really felt for her last night, as she faced camera, audience, co-hosts and the daunting task of getting back into her role. Good for her, and a long road in front.

  5. It was so great to see Carrie back on the Project last night. My partner and I watch nearly every day and it wasn’t the same without Carrie. She is by far one of the most talented on-air personalities at TEN.

    Welcome back Carrie!

  6. @John,
    I agree – is it comedy or is it serious? Do we really need this after 2 hours of news programmes? If it were on at 10pm it would make more sense.

  7. @FJ … seriously? people like you annoy me… you clearly know who she is, because u have seen the title of the post, clicked on it, read it and even commented on it..

  8. Good on Carrie for getting back out there.Not an easy thing to do in the public eye,little own in a normal situation.
    Having said that i just cannot warm to this program.
    I am a fan of Carrie,Andrew & Jennifer but as for Charlie (it’s all about me-just watch TBYG for proof) & Dave Hughes (well no comment) it does my head in.
    Don’t like the funny/serious mix.Doesn’t work for me.Should be one or the other.
    But hey it’s still on & will outlive 6pm for sure & Ben Elton,so i guess they must be pleasing some people.

  9. I love Carrie Bickmore! She was great on Rove and is the best female television personality on air I reckon. This coming from a 3rd year Journalism student with a GPA of 6.1, before anyone tries to mock me

  10. The poor guy died of a brain tumour. I don’t usually appreciate Carrie Bickmore, but I do feel for her and respect her returning to work when she has young kids going through everything too.

  11. Such currage from Carrie.
    I did notice when the show had started (after opening titles) she did seem quite nervous, especially while the audience extended their usual round of applause, however she quickly settled back into her job professionally and seemed to actually enjoy herself back at her “second home”.
    Well done and welcome back Carrie!

  12. I had no idea he had passed away!! David, do you know how is passed away? Such sad news…I noticed she had not been on air for a while, but I am not a consistent viewer of 7PM.

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