Seven in back to back clean sweep of ratings

It’s not enough that Seven wins the ratings week.

For the second week in a row it’s managed another clean sweep, topping network shares, primary channels, multichannels, key demos, all 7 nights and all 5 cities.

It pulled the top 7 shows of the week, with My Kitchen Rules nabbing the week’s top 5. Tuesday’s episode at 1.84m was the week’s top show.

Australian FIA Formula One World Championship was best for TEN on 1.35m viewers, and Nine’s best was The Big Bang Theory on 1.31m.

Seven Network managed 33.4% share, well ahead of Nine’s 24.5% and TEN on 20.3%. ABC was 16.4% and 5.4%.

Seven’s primary channel was 26.1% then Nine 18.2%, TEN 13.9%, ABC1 12.1%, SBS ONE 4.6%.

7TWO was 4.1%, ELEVEN 3.8%, GO! 3.6%, 7mate 3.2%, Gem / ONE / ABC2 were all on 2.6%, ABC News 24 1.1%, SBS TWO 0.8%, ABC3 0.6%.

Key demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 were all won by Seven as was every night of the week and all 5 metro cities.

TEN beat Nine on Tuesday but ABC bettered TEN on Saturday.


  1. Please 9,10 & ABC lift your game and get some good shows on air. The air space around 7’s head office and david leckie’s head is getting very tight.!!!!!

  2. Secret Squirrel

    Extensive “coming soon” ads annoy me too, so it’s good that I don’t watch a lot on 7 or 9 (or 10). I find that my interest is initially increased but then drops again the more I’m bombarded with the “message”. Eventually my apathy turns into antipathy and I start talking about whatever it is negatively.

    Right now, I am so over The Hunger Games that I think I might punch any mouth that says those words. Ok, maybe I’ll just imagine doing that but the saturation is killing any buzz it might’ve had.

  3. Craig, I agree 100% – I’m so sick of the coming soon ads – just let us know when it will be on! Channel 7 are doing that too with ‘Once Upon A Time’ – very frustrating! What I’m curious about is that 9 are showing ads for both apprentice and The Block – are they airing at the same time? If so, stupid move; if not, then way too early to be advertising whichever one is screening second!!

  4. Glad to see Eleven beat GO!, finally GO! is starting to see the effects of such rubbish programming. It used to be my most watched channel, now that gossip girl is off I don’t watch a thing on GO!.

  5. interesting that there is only 8 % separating 9, ten and ABC.

    i think 9 will win a few weeks after easter they seem to have loaded their schedule with expensive content all at once. but it is possibly at the cost to the midyear schedule when all the easter shows have ended and they have nothing left in the tank.
    I think it would be hilarious if 7 continued their streak all through though.

  6. Seven is overwhelming everyone at the moment, they have been so strong this year and they still have yet to roll out their traditional blockbusters AGT and DWTS. Nine will probably claw back a bit of ground with their upcoming reality series and the Olympics but I still think Seven will be too dominant for them overall.

  7. TasTVcameraman

    Well done to 7, but isn’t about time that they advertised the correct time. I was wanting to watch “Castaway” commenced 25 mins late. If the show before it was boring (in my opinion) football at least do not advertise the starting time as 10.30 but let us be radical and actually advertise the start time as being the actual start time. Likewise “Revenge” was 35 mins late last monday because of My Kitchen Rules. I must be in the minority as I do not watch or care to watch MKR. Just as well there are DVD’s. I remember when David interviewed the programmers they said that Packed to the Rafters would play through the whole season, but it is being taken off for Easter, If 7 would advertise programmes at the correct starting time, it would be wonderful, but are they scared of people turning channels, and having staggered starting times keeps them locked to that channel. Not me, I simply will not watch or even record it.The more people who complain about starting times to the channels themselves the more people will notice.
    It is about time that the TV regulator brought back a regular 5 minutes of ads per hour. Or let the community stations have the same flexibility of stuffing programmes full of ads.

  8. Noticed that they had the Giants / Swans game in Sydney showing on 7mate.

    Amazingly couldn’t push some tween movie off the main channel.

    Do we have the numbers of those who watch it on Mate in Sydney please?

  9. Wow i didn’t think Seven’s share could get any wider but 8.9% is massive. I don’t think The Block, The Voice and Celebrity Apprentice is going to help Nine one bit to be honest. Yes it will shrink the gap but Seven is so strong at the moment it just keeps rolling out the punches.

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