Are Seven News girls at odds?

There’s a curious story in today’s Sunday Telegraph which fuels a spat between Seven’s Chris Bath and Samantha Armytage.

It claims the two have a frosty relationship (ok it actually says “bitter rivarly”) at Seven’s Martin Place studios.

According to the report, the friendship turned sour after Bath allegedly overheard Armytage gossiping about her to a co-worker.

The most telling hint is that neither has denied it, at least according to the way the article is worded.

“Look there’s no comment,” said Armytage “We all get on at Seven. I get on with everybody at Seven.”

Bath also declined to comment yesterday.

If it’s true they would hardly be the first co-workers in the biz to be at odds in this most ego-driven of industries, but it’s not a good look. At least it doesn’t appear to have spilled over into on-air presenting, because viewers didn’t seem to buy the Chris Bath / Mike Munro chemistry for very long on Sunday Night.


  1. Of course, why does the Tele consider this ‘news’? It’s a useless piece of gossip that is not in the public’s interest and is it only published because it’s between two women? If it were two blokes, it would barely rate a mention.

    And Seven would far from be the only workplace in the world where two staffers may not get along.

    Remember Frontline with its “One Big Family” promos which went to great length to make out that everyone in television is very chummy when really they can’t stand to be in the same room as each other? So we get it – people in television don’t necessarily like each other. It’s hardly a newsflash.

  2. Unintentional I’m sure but “news girls” comes off as a bit patronising in the headline and made me cringe. Nobody ever seems to refer to the men on TV as “news boy” or “weather boy”.

  3. jezza the first original one

    Yeah I agree with the general sentimemnt expressed on here. I too would like to see them battle it out, scantily clad throwing liquids at each other and having a wrestle…..great opportunity

  4. Not a good look for Seven, although jealousy and bitter rivalry between media colleagues is hardly a new phenomenon so there is probably some truth to the story. Maybe they should resolve it with a tag team jelly wrestling match. Surefire ratings winner, methinks.

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