Australia’s Got Greedy. $195 for backstage tours?

In the old days, they used to take the public on free tours of television studios, showing them the magic of lights, camera, action.

Come to think of it some still do.

But now some folk are becoming very creative in the way to make a buck. FremantleMedia is offering ticketed packages backstage at Australia’s Got Talent for the very steep price of $195+.

What do you get for your money?

The $195+ exclusive Backstage Tour tickets will include a VIP tour of the studio, access to rehearsals and sound checks, a chance to rub shoulders with the contestants, a chance to ‘be a star’ on stage at warm-up and sit in the judges’ chair for photos, lunch on set and VIP seats for the recording. Ticketholders will also go home with a crew-branded hoodie (sizes subject to availability).

Apparently the prices go up as the series progesses towards its final. Sheesh.

Dustin Lockett, VP Live Experiences FremantleMedia Enterprises, said: “”Australia’s Got Talent format owner SyCo has never before approved any consumer experience like this, giving Australian fans this rare opportunity.

““This is another great example of FME harnessing unique opportunities to turn television into engaging live experiences for fans, and this world-first for the Got Talent franchise is an excellent win for us and for fans of the show.”

Event the wording from FME’s Release is pretty blatant: “This is the first of a number of FME Live Experiences set to launch in 2012, bringing television and other entertainment properties to life for fans, while mining a lucrative revenue stream for FME.”

Mining is right.

Ticketing information is available at

So hands up who wants to go and see a few variety acts we’d never heard of before and pay $195 for the privilege? I don’t think Australians would even pay $195 to see the winners of last year’s show on a national tour, but at least that idea makes more sense.

The backstage area of AGT is also extremely busy, dangerous and has a job to get done.

The show is already struggling against The Voice -how will this kind of PR help?

I’m all for giving viewers access into how television is made but this idea is greedy and absurd.

Cue the A Current Affair story.


  1. Just goes to show a fool and their money are easily parted.

    Australia’s Got Boofheads would be a better title for this article ;o)

  2. Geez, is this really a story?

    If people want to pay $195 for this fairly unique experience that won’t be around for ever, good on them. Similarly, if that is the price that the company putting it on can charge, good on them. It is basic economics in the society we live in. Although if that fool Swan found out, i’m sure he’d want people earning under $50k to get in for free and those earning $50k or over to pay $1,000.

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @Jake – are you in or near Perth because you can come and watch my weeds for only $150 (think of it as you getting $45 travel allowance). For an extra $100 I’ll let you tidy up a bit.

  4. Hilarious!!! Ratings are down and now they’re charging fans $195 for a backstage tour????? I’d rather pay my neighbour $195 just to let me sit in his backyard and watch the weeds grow in his backyard for an hour!!!!!

  5. Bah… rort! NBC New York gives you a 1 & 3/4 hour tour of about 3 levels of 30 Rock, the SNL studios, Ellen and Dr Oz. Plus you get to do a mock weather / news report.

  6. @ danny – when we did the WB studio tour 2 years ago they took us past an old looking movie theatre front.

    I asked the guide “was that used in the 1953 3D movie, ‘House of Wax’ ?” “Yes” he said.

    I mentioned that the director of that movie, Andre De Toth, had only one eye. The guide looked at me in a strange way – he didn’t believe me. Poor fellow hadn’t researched his job terribly well.

    But, yes – it was a great tour, as was the one at Paramount. 3 hours for @ $30. A huge buzz for us movie fans…

  7. If this was $99 it’d be a better trade – but even then I would never consider it. I’m sure there’d be some rich dads with a 12 year old daughter/son who would love to have this experience though

  8. I dont agree with your article David. Think it is overly negative.

    If someone wants to spend $195 to do that then thats their choice. Im sure there would be people amazed and obsessed with the show enough to see value in it.

    Value is in the eye of the beholder dont forget.

    They would have set up their pricing policy knowing they would have a restricted amount of people that could do it and if they set it low then the request would be to great. Economics..pretty simple really

    While you make the point you wouldnt pay to see last years winner that price, well true but your not just seeing 1 show your seeing other things and your getting an experience.

    And no i dont work for any company related to this program! lol

  9. I was having a terrible day prior to reading this. I never thought I’d see the day where greed would make me laugh.

    When I was in the United States, I visited Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. I paid $32US (at the time our dollar was 47 cents) for a three-hour comprehensive tour. That’s more realistic and far more enticing.

    I think “audiences” have trouble paying $150 to see an artist in concert playing at a major venue, so as much as I love the show, the promoters shouldn’t expect a healthy response.

  10. How that hoodie is described is that after the show is finished some crew member takes it off and just hands it to you hehe. I’ll pass, I think its a rip off.

  11. Sounds like someone in the marketing department trying to meet their KPI’s

    I would be very surprised if they can find enough people ready to part with their money to keep this running for long

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